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A New Understanding of Nature

a new understanding of nature Continuous Improvement Dynamics Natural Processes Beginning, apparently, with molten rock, and using only the sun to provide heat and light, nature manages to create water, atmosphere and a totally interactive, life-enhancing, continuously improving, living ecology. … Continue reading

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SYMBOLS Discerning the meaning and significance of symbols has been the way that many people came to first understand how the Aquarian Age would manifest, and what its values and methods of functioning would be. Below are some of the … Continue reading

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Introduction The Universe was created for the evolution of consciousness, so that all life progresses through ever higher states of consciousness, over eons of time, towards Cosmic Consciousness, or Creator God. The Universe itself acts in various ways to induce … Continue reading

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Tradition Dry and dusty deserts or a rainforest canopy People in conditions that might not suit you or me Since before time even existed Aborigines would go walkabout having mastered the art of survival by sussing nature out Without need … Continue reading

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2012   The 21st December 2012 has long been known as the final culmination date, ending thousands of years of inherently-conflicted, dualistic living, along with all that it has brought, including elitism, racism, intolerance and wars, as perhaps the most … Continue reading

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Traditional Aboriginal Sustainable Society

Traditional Aboriginal Sustainable Society Original Sustainability We do not know enough about traditional Aboriginal society, as their way of life had already been seriously disrupted before it was ever understood or appreciated. We now know there was much more happening … Continue reading

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