The 21st December 2012 has long been known as the final culmination date, ending thousands of years of inherently-conflicted, dualistic living, along with all that it has brought, including elitism, racism, intolerance and wars, as perhaps the most extreme expressions of duality.


This date and its import has long been recognised by various indigenous peoples, including the Mayans, who had that date pegged as the end of their calendar, when the Earth would move into a higher dimension. Many traditional peoples knew of this coming time as the beginning of the Golden age or Sat Yuga, and which the flower children knew as the Auqarian age. They all also knew there would be tribulation in the centuries and decades before hand. And they also knew that with the ending of duality, comes the beginning of unity, where all people can live as one in what will become Heaven on Earth.


The greatest transformation in the history of the Earth is about to take place, and everything is already is place for it to occur. Those who have held power for so long are about to lose it, for this is the age people following their own inner truth.


21-12-2012is the date that many alignments are to occur that have been locked in for thousands of years. These alignments include the end of the Mayan calendar, the alignment of our north pole with Polaris, the end of the Piscean Age and the start of the Aquarian age. These are the ones many people are familiar with.


In addition, it also marks the end of a galactic cycle of more than 200,000 years, where the sun travels around the centre of the Galaxy. Of immediate relevance is that this date also marks the transition of planet earth, or Lady Gaia, from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th Dimension. This is known as planetary ascension. On that date many new portals, stargates and wormholes become fully actived, and those that have recently been opened and are already activated will ramp up to 100%. This day will be a very high energy day and everyone is advised to be especially calm and peaceful, and open to absorbing the energies on that day.


The planet is ascending along with much of nature. This is a gradual process, and between now and the due date, many things must happen both to the Earth and nature. The Earth must adjust her techtonic plates, and currently her aquifers are being replenished through much rain and flooding. This act as a lubricant and lessen the impact of earthquakes that will follow. This is to be completed before the end of 2012.


All Earth humans are invited to also ascend. But they are free-will creatures and must choose it with full intention, otherwise they will remain on the usual path. Soon, there are to be announcements that will make the situation clear to all. It is expected that many will not be ready to let go of the enthral of dualistic materialism, and will not choose it. Others may find the learning curve too steep.


For those who choose, commit themselves, persevere on the ascension path, and become part of the ascension process, many developments must happen before 21-12-2012. Currently, those people who are ascending along with the Earth, are having their 3D consciousness gradually being brought up to 4D or higher, through a number of processes: their so-called junk DNA is being activated and reconnected to form a 3rd strand of DNA; their 7 chakra system is being expanded to 13; the carbon in their bodies become crystalline to handle the higher frequencies. These can cause flu-like symptoms, those so affected are advised to drink plenty of pure water.


In addition, their buried denials are being raised into conscious awareness so that all of it may be acknowledged, accepted, forgiven and let go of, as effortless, painless healing. All denials must be processed at the level of conscious awareness. All denials let go of in such a way release the person from the illusions they have created. As illusions fall away, the person is returned to their own sovereignty, inner freedom, peace and inner wisdom.  


Many of those ascending are travelling at night to the halls of knowledge and wisdom for advanced learning; others are travelling at night to starships for even more advanced training, yet others are working at night in the disaster areas around the planet to bring comfort and healing to those in need.


Nobody is compelled to ascend, and those ascending are not compelled to wait until21-12-2012before ascending. Some have ascended in recent years, and many more will ascend before the final due date. That date is when the bulk of the people ascending are expected to take advantage of the waves of high-level energies, and move to a higher state of consciousness.


Too many people are waiting for the 21-12-2012date before something positive will start happening. Much is already happening now, and there is much needed to be done before21-12-2012. If they are refraining from being part of the process now, and are not going through the necessary graduated developments preceding ascension, they will be unlikely to enjoy any graduating experience.


All persons now choosing to engage the ascension process will be on steep learning curves, but they also have the benefits of engaging a process that is now becoming an established path by those who have already broken the new ground, so easing their difficulties.


Knowing all of this, the Global Elite, or Illusionati, those who have brought you all the problems we have now, including wars, pollution, starvation, diseases and poverty, have engaged in much suggestive disinformation including includes novels, movies, TV programs, pseudo-scientific articles, etc each portraying one or another kind of disaster scenario. All such disinformation is fictitious and negative in content, for the purpose of promoting fear, pessimism, fatalism and resignation in the general population, but especially the younger population, who have always been the ones to change things, as part of the general thrust to dis-empower the people and keep them controlled.


The point of inducing fear and negativity in a person is to cause separation from the person’s wise, inner being, also known as the Heart, or right-brain, or higher self. Thereafter to control the person’s left-brain or logical mind, that no longer has a higher reference point, or intrinsic conscience, and will follow instructions without question.


Anybody buying into the negative scenario is actually gifting their energy to the negative scenario, as well as locking themselves to it. This is adding to the illusion, and will contribute to their own, personal experience of 2012, which is not likely to be as pleasant and fulfilling as it will be for those who are lending their support to the real, actual, positive scenario of planetary, biological and global ascension.


Spiritual elites, who are those who regard themselves as spiritually superior, are not ascending, except in their own illusionary minds, which are still in the matrix. Such illusionary superiority is a reaction to an underlying sense of inferiority. This inferiority has already arisen in reaction to the experience of feeling cut off from ones inner being, usually through shock, trauma and denial, and then reacting compensatory, out of the underlying insecurity and fear.


The problem is created by people disconnecting from their feelings to stop feeling pain. The outcome is to thereafter live in perpetual fear of everything. The solution is to reconnect with feeling the existential void, and from there re-feel the connection to ones inner being.


Those obsessed with 2012, especially the negative, disaster scenarios, are likewise fear driven and their energy helps to create the disaster they fear, and their personal experience of it. Under the law of attraction, 2012 will be experienced differently by those ascending than from those not ascending.

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