The Universe was created for the evolution of consciousness, so that all life progresses through ever higher states of consciousness, over eons of time, towards Cosmic Consciousness, or Creator God.

The Universe itself acts in various ways to induce the expansion and elevation of consciousness, and one of the ways that it is prompted on the Earth is the sequential play of constellational energies upon it. The 26,000 year wobble of the Earth creates the precession of the equinox, which is divided into 12 Ages, designated by the Astrological Signs of the zodiac. The transition from one age to another signifies a step-up in the nature of the energies playing upon the planet. Each Age becomes an opportunity to significantly upgrade spiritual understandings and practices, and thereby take advantage of the higher-level energies. This can produce a substantial uplift in consciousness in those who embrace the new understandings and practices that many will experience as enlightenment.

The shift from the Age of Aires to the Age of Pisces offered upliftment from a feared, vengeful God to a loving, caring God; from respecting neighbours to loving them; from retribution to forgiveness, etc, as made known by Jesus at the time. These new understandings and practices represented real improvements, allowing a whole body of more refined, elegant and sublime teachings, which when practised can tap the higher energies and facilitate a corresponding rise in consciousness.

We are now transitioning to the next age, from Pisces, to Aquarius, and this offers an even greater opportunity for spiritual growth from even more sublime teachings and more elegant practices. We are now shifting from loving an external God, to oneness with the God within; from loving our neighbour as ourselves, to loving all beings unconditionally; from obeying an outer spiritual authority, to being guided by inner truth. Those receptive to the new, higher level energies and able to master them will enjoy an age of enlightenment, as we were first told by the Flower Children, who were able to live their own enlightenment effortlessly.

But there is much more happening during this particular new age shift, for it also marks the end of the greater zodiacal cycle, and the beginning of a whole new cycle, and this represents a step up on the cosmic spiral. Planet Earth is ascending to a higher dimension, a higher plane of existence, taking it into the sacred realms, or as some would say, Heaven. We are no longer going to Heaven when we die; Heaven is coming here while we are still alive. Heaven on Earth was always intended, and has been worked towards for many thousands of years. This is our Golden Age.

This shift in consciousness will end all suffering and wars, as the consciousness of those on the Earth correspondingly rise. Ascension is being offered to all those choosing to accompany the Earth into the higher planes of consciousness. The Earth is currently undergoing Planetary Ascension, and those who will accompany her are collectively undergoing Biological Ascension. These events are underway now, and are currently happening to the planet, and to those Ascending. Welcome to the Golden and Aquarian ages of Planetary and Biological Ascension!

Biological Ascension is the most important process that anybody can be involved in today. It is a huge and complex operation, planned for by higher sources long before recorded history. It directly concerns all peoples on this planet, as well as many other life forms. Biological Ascension is, on the most basic level, about people waking up and seeing through what is known as the third dimensional level of mainstream consciousness, or the 3D mainstream matrix. This manufactured, mechanical, obsolete, so-called ‘reality’ has become static and oppressive, and is destroying the planet biologically and ecologically. This is becoming an increasing nightmare for those who are still clinging to it, desperately trying to maintain their own personal ‘reality’ within it. The 3D matrix is now in a process of unavoidable self-destruction as its systems fail, to make way for a Higher Reality, where those aspects of civilisation that are currently dysfunctional and in conflict with each other, will undergo a transformation from which will emerge a civilisation where all aspects freely contribute to a mutually-enhancing, harmonious, greater reality.

Those ascending are now releasing themselves from the illusionary binds of the restrictive, internally-conflicted 3D matrix, and will instead be embracing a far higher, richer, natural, spiritually-permeated, 5D matrix; a new reality of harmony, peace, love and compassionate wisdom; and of sustainable, ecological abundance, supported by balanced and moderate climate and weather, as people and Earth ascend together.

Ascension is not compulsory, and each person must consciously choose to opt in, and then remain open to the beneficent changes in themselves that will follow. After choosing to ascend, each person must let go of all that has burdened them, including all disempowering negative thoughts, feelings, fears, traumas and denials that they have previously rejected. This rejection has assigned them to the subconscious, where they remain unprocessed, active, and undermining and constraining people’s lives. These denials, fears and rejections will emerge back into awareness, to be simply accepted and let go of without guilt or shame, enabling people to experience themselves in a whole new and different way, as their authentic, higher-conscious Self emerges from beneath the discarded negative overlay, that had blocked it out and then usurped its role, subconsciously controlling people’s lives.

Many of the processes involved in Planetary and Biological Ascension are already well underway, but much is being conducted in private to avoid attracting more of the same kind of intense fear and extreme opposition that arose four decades ago, in reaction to the gentle, harmless Flower Children, in the late 1960s, who were the first Group Ascenders, as well as being the on-the-ground initiators of the Planetary and Biological Ascension agenda. They lived communally and self-sufficiently, influencing the world away from consumerism and towards sustainability. That resulted in a reaction in the 1980s to change the economic system back to a 1920s style laissez-faire Corporatism, leading to the current time Global Financial Meltdown, severe Climate Disruption, and the ever worsening ecological mess. Meanwhile, the Ascension agenda has kept progressing, mostly out of sight, and is rapidly unfolding now, and soon to break into mainstream awareness.

Biological Ascension and its many attending programs, including Prosperity funds, Abundance programs and NESARA have been created to address, solve and rapidly repair all current problems, and deliver a world of abundance, peace, stability, prosperity and harmony. Virtually all of the components to create this total change and upgrade of reality are already in place and ready to start, awaiting only announcements. After the announcements are made, a multi-faceted program will roll out, effectively displacing an obsolete, decaying, conflicted, mainstream illusionary reality. It will implement real, effective, high-level, win-win solutions to all problems, and is now only awaiting certain initiating moves. For this program to start smoothly, with the free participation of all those choosing to ascend, and without incurring any extreme backlash including violent opposition, from those who stand to lose the most, timing is everything.

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