Discerning the meaning and significance of symbols has been the way that many people came to first understand how the Aquarian Age would manifest, and what its values and methods of functioning would be. Below are some of the symbols that were used, updated to reflect the unfolding reality.

Age                            Aries                            Pisces                          Aquarius

Symbol                    Sheep                           Fish                               Water Bearer

Exemplar                Shepherd                 Fishermen                   Flower Children

Leader                      Moses                       Jesus                               Light Workers

God                            Jehovah                   Father God                  Creator God

Religion                  Jewish                       Christian                       Spirituality

Bible                        Old Testament        New Testament          Inner Truth

God Nature          Authoritarian             Loving                        Co-Creative

God Reaction        Punish                          Forgive                    Maintain Oneness

Relationship             Fear                          Devotion                      Intimacy                                       with God                    -Obedience             -Love                           -Co-creation

Goal                          Mind of God              Heart of God              Realisation of God

Connection          Communication           Communion                  Oneness

Contact                   Prayer                        Meditation                      Telepathy

Location                External                      Within                              Everywhere

Relationship            Respect                    Love                              Love All                                    with Others               Neighbour           Neighbour                   Unconditionally

Consciousness         Racial/Tribal     National/Societal      Group/Planetary

Life Guidance          Control                 Authority                    Inner Understanding

Brain                               Left                       Right                                  Whole

Energy                         Masculine            Feminine                          Integrated

Reality                         Duality                  Duality                             Unity

Dimension                    3D                         3D/4D                            4D/5D

Structure                  Pyramid                  Wheel                          Circle

War                               Tribal                     Religious                   Planetary Peace

Group Identity          Family                 Friends                            All

Ray Number                   5                             6                                     7

Ray Energy                 Mind                    Idealism                  Transmutation

In the last few years, many of the components, methods and means of the emerging Aquarian age, and the far greater Planetary Ascension and Biological Ascension programs have been revealed and are described in the following pages.

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