Dry and dusty deserts or a rainforest canopy

People in conditions that might not suit you or me

Since before time even existed Aborigines would go walkabout

having mastered the art of survival by sussing nature out

Without need of possessions living off their land as they wander

knowing land like the back of their hand they conserve instead of squander

In coastal forests and arid lands without the need of assistance.

gentle folk in love with the earth living a life of subsistence

They know the art of burning off so pastures will improve,

So much land to care for keeps them on the move

They understand the seasons what grows where and when

knowing when to leave each place and when to come again

They manage their environment in ways that will sustain

their people for eternity and preserve the family chain

For over forty thousand years they have kept their tribal way

each tribe with its own area and own lore to obey

Their natural heightened vision eases their hunting life

Wallabies and roos are tracked over rough ground without strife

A race of sensitive people senses tuned so fine

perceiving nature’s patterns reading every sign

Nature as their teacher lets them live without compunction

and classify all living things according to their function

They know not only nature’s ways Other worlds they also see

Dreamtime is the pathway Initiation is the key

Initiations lets them enter states of enhanced awareness

which enables them to live a life of decency and fairness

More than merely pictures that happen during sleep

Beyond the myths and legends their storytellers keep

The Dreaming is their access to a greater, conscious  world

where higher teachings are received and deeper truths unfurled

And so it is that guidance is given to the youth

who grow up to be elders through wisdom, love and truth

They have no need for kings or slaves or ripping off each other

Instead their lives are based upon respect for one another

A timeless, ageless culture So much to give and share

Traditional Australians know how to live and care

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