The Earth Experiment

The Earth Experiment

This Universe has an overall specific purpose: That all beings, through embracing variety and choice, will continue to evolve in consciousness, progressing towards Cosmic God-Consciousness; God being, in summary, the Consciousness upholding the Universe, and by nature the Highest Goodness.

Many civilisations throughout our Universe have developed to very high levels of perfection, with exquisite technology, perfect health, effortless lifestyle, sustainability, etc, but eventually reach a plateau, beyond which they are unable to progress. This is caused, in part, by being restrained by unresolved issues that are no longer within their grasp, because societal perfection has created an overriding harmony that hides any limitations. The feedback friction that creates annoyance and draws attention, to enable focus and intent to solve problems, is no longer there.

The solution to this was to create the Earth Experiment as follows:

  • The Earth was designed as a platform to enable volunteers to work through subtle, long-standing problems and blocks as experienced throughout the Universe, and limiting its growth. Volunteers inhabited dense, 3D bodies containing the genes of many ET civilisations, which would be experienced as limitations to be worked through.
  • The Earth was placed in isolated quarantine, on the outer edge of the galaxy, inside a lineal, time-dependent, dense, 3D Matrix, which effectively prohibited the usually spiritual means of co-creative living. Beings had to instead create through physical means, engaging their mind and 3D dense physical, genetic heritage containing complex genes from multiple ET civilisations.
  • The volunteers who inhabited the multi-genetic bodies were already highly spiritually accomplished, and prepared to master and transcend imposed limitations, and progress though immense obstacles, including spiritual forgetfulness, and then create their own ascension. They experienced being functionally separated from and ‘cut off’ from God and the higher realms, and were forced to exist in spiritual emptiness. They had to realise their predicament, and find their way to ascend to their own higher consciousness and Creator God.
  • The limitations, barriers, obstacles and blocks to harmonious living, thrown up by such an unlikely existence, difficult setting and circumstance, required constant attention, problem-solving, resolution and transcendence by the volunteer inhabitants. This process grew and consciously developed the multiple-ET-genetic, spiritually-separated, human inhabitants.
  • Resolving low-level problems under such constrained, dense, 3D conditions, transmits back to the relevant Galactic civilisations, effectively freeing them in corresponding high-level areas, of those not spiritually separated, enabling growth and development in those areas to restart.
  • After the experiment is completed, the Earth will then ascend to a higher dimension, enabling interested Earth humans to choose to ascend with the Earth, while still alive and in the body, without passing through the death process.
  • The Planetary/Biological Ascension event will create a spiritual tsunami throughout the universe, creating a universal uplifting effect, raising the universe to a higher level, and restarting the universal, spiritual evolutionary process.

Various seeding experiments were tried out, creating various indigenous races. Tribal humans were able to solve basic living requirements quite simply and turn their time to spiritual pursuits, but would then stabilise and plateau, defeating the intention of the experiment.

Finally, Caucasians were created with a deliberate overdose of mind, to tip the balance away from the emotional/intuitional, and towards the logical mental. This would ensure that mistakes are made, to be then worked on thoughtfully, deductively, lineally and sequentially, in order to create solutions, and in a greater effect, power the entire process. Had European colonists settled with indigenous peoples peacefully, and were open to benefit from their inner wisdom, instead of trying to conquer and convert them, they would have learned much about health, nourishment, sustainability, ecological living and extended family living. And had they then integrated those understandings into their societies. the essential lessons would have been mastered long ago.

The nature of the experiment drew the attention of Galactic Evil in distant history, who caused extreme complications to the original experiment, including reducing 12 strand DNA to 2 strands, and setting up various forms of oppressive dictatorships to enslave the people, many of which persist unto this day. This resulted in far greater challenges and increased efforts to overcome unplanned obstacles, and as a consequence produced outcomes way beyond that originally envisaged. Even though appalling for earth residents, the spin-off to the Galaxy and Universe has been enormous, and the consequent growth to Earth residents has also empowered the Ascension process to extend through an extra dimension to 5D.

Best source of Earth Experiment is Explorer Race series, by Zoosh thru Robert Shapiro

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