From Flower Children to Global Ascension

From Flower Children to Global Ascension

Towards the end of the 1960s, Flower Children announced the Aquarian Age as a time of planetary peace and harmony that would soon be upon us, and advocated we live simply, naturally, cooperatively and sustainably, with peace and love, which they demonstrated by creating self-sufficient communes.

As a cosmic event, we now know the Aquarian age to be a state of consciousness far beyond that of the Piscean age, as organised religion gives way to individual spirituality, outer authority gives way to inner knowing, and devotion to an external God becomes oneness with the God within.

Flower Children, who were advanced Lemurian Lightworkers, demonstrated enlightenment and prepared the way for an influx of Eastern teachings during the 1970s, which taught people about spiritual disciplines, meditation, enlightenment, and the part that auras, chakras and kundalini play in attaining higher levels of consciousness.

Spiritual development and the ability to meditate, as taught by Eastern teachers, enabled many people to progress and take the next step around the 1980s, and begin working consciously with their spirit guides. We all have spiritual guides assigned to each of us. Their influence is subtle and requires we be sensitive to promptings from within. Spirit guides have given out a gentler, more subtle and nuanced, higher-level teaching to emerge, that has enabled people to have intimate contact with Creator God, and with those greater Souls who work from higher levels to further the Divine Plan of upliftment of all beings, and the cosmic unfoldment of everything.

This progress on the inner planes enabled the introduction of various ET and cosmic identities in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Planetary Convergence meditation in 1987 drew a response from members of the Galactic Federation of Light in the early 1990s. In existence for many millions of years and now made up of over a million ascended Star Nations, the work of the Galactic Federation is to assist planets which are nearing their ascension to painlessly and harmoniously ascend to higher, more heavenly realms. This is the reason for them being around Earth now, and for their interaction with increasing numbers of the human race. Their next objective is ‘First Contact’, or mass landings and open interaction with the mainstream populace, to facilitate Planetary and Biological Ascension.

Earth’s ascension is a special case, as it has had so much interference and domination by the wrong people over a very long time, causing massive extra challenges. The planet is now Ascending, hence the increase in earthquakes, and many people, although ready, have been saddled with an outmoded and dysfunctional political, economic and social system, and have been pushed in wrong directions, away from Planetary and Biological ascension, and towards wars, pollution, ecological destruction and global slavery.

The task today before the Galactic Federation, White Knights, Earth Allies and Lightworkers on the planet is nothing less than waking up a global population; disempowering those who are creating the problems; a total clean-up of the entire planet in all aspects, and on all levels; preparing ascending humanity to embrace an upgraded 13 chakra, 3 strand DNA, crystalline spiritual anatomy; creating new timelines for a 5D future world; and facilitating the Earth’s move into 5D. This expanded program has been worked on with increasing intensity in the last few years, which will keep rising as the amount of cosmic energies being rained down on Earth steps up to ever-higher levels.

The Galactic Federation has an abundance of super-high-level technology to overcome all of Earth’s problems, including pollution and ecological destruction, but will work with us rather than for us, and work to our own conclave of Ascended Masters, who oversee the project.

The main interest by the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation in our contribution is most of all to wake up from the 3D matrix, left brain paradigm, and to start embracing the whole-brain, 5D paradigm, beginning with visualising a peaceful, harmonious, creative future.

2012 marks a significant graduation point in this process, and a major step-up into a higher dimension for those who are ascending. It is participating in the process and advancing along the ascension timeline that is important, rather than focusing on any point along the timeline, e.g. 2012. Those who remain on the sidelines speculating, and not committed to their own 5D ascension unfoldment, may not find 2012 to their liking, as many beneficial things may pass them by. Those not ascending may begin passing over in preparation to take their place elsewhere on a parallel Earth, for another round of experiential learning.

Detailed information about every aspect of this cosmic mega project is freely available on the net. Updates from the Galactic Federation can be downloaded from Updates from our own Ascended Masters and other Celestials are available from  These updates enable the reader to participate in ascension as it occurs, step by step towards 5D consciousness.

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