Revealed teachings, through various means, have ever been the preferred method that higher sources have used to pass on to people on Earth, understandings that inspire and uplift, and point humanity the way towards their eventual ascension. One of the main methods for doing this is by channelling higher information through an intermediary, or medium for the benefit of others. Mediumship has gone through a steady, continual improvement over the last 150 years, and now is called channelling as a generic term.

1860- 1900

Beginning with Automatic writing of the 1850s, where a known, historical person would reproduce in their own original handwriting, a thoroughly updated and relevant message about some aspect of life in the realms, and the nature of the human-spirit relationship.

Table lifting was used to demonstrate physical proof of their existence to convince the unbelievers, as a large dining room table in the late 1800s could weigh hundreds of kilos. Trumpets were used to show a voice that was independent of anyone in the room. Very Deep Trance was next used to begin using mediums vocal chords, and was difficult and not without dangers to the health and wellbeing of the medium, as slamming a door could induce a heart attack.


Alice Bailey was dictated her first two books by clairaudience. The second book contained meditations to develop her telepathic capacity. Thereafter her books were transmitted telepathically, wherein she could experience the higher consciousness viewpoint of Dwal Kuhl, and give better description and clearer understandings, including a book entitled ‘Telepathy’.

Unconscious trance was commonly used where the medium would vacate the body, and enjoy some temporary respite in higher realms, while the Teaching Spirit would temporarily take over. It required punching out individual words, and mediums were encouraged to read widely to expand their vocabularies. This became a good method for accurate communication, and is still used today after about 80 years, with improved motor control of the body, and greater facility of communication.


Overlighting was introduced in the late 1970s. This is where the channel can raise their consciousness, and be open to enable the High Guide’s consciousness to overlight and the channel experiences the High Guides consciousness and understanding, which can then be consciously communicated. The channel is also able to experience the high Guides ecstatic nature and loving countenance. From the High Guides perspective, it enables them to radiate their Love and Light spiritual energies onto the Earth plane, assisting to spiritualise and uplift all beings. The channel experiences these energies within, as if their own. To ensure only the highest and purist messenger spirits would be used, considerable spiritual preparation, meditation and alignment would precede the actual trancing.

Today, with the considerable thinning of the veils, progress in evolving Mediumship into conscious channelling, and more highly capable, spiritually-orientated channels being used, far more subtle, nuance and elevated messages can be communicated. Many forms of channelling are being used today, including more subtle automatic writing on computer keyboards, unconscious trance, clairaudience, conscious channelling, telepathy, etc, depending on who is on each end, and their respective communication abilities. Continuing progress towards 5D requires an increasingly refined message to keep giving lightworkers something more subtle and refined to reach for.

Gaia thru Pepper Lewis

“Access to divine wisdom through channelling is natural. The language of the divine is native to you because your natural state is as Spirit. You have only dressed yourself in filaments and fibres that resemble a human body. You have cloaked yourself in human form and adapted to the lower five sensory receptors, but there are others from which to choose and they are available to those who draw near enough to claim them.”

“During channelling, a naturally occurring substance is released into your energetic life-stream. This calming, restorative and endorphin-like substance invokes an almost immediate sense of well-being that enhances and deepens your own natural knowing. As you continue to trust your abilities and explore your relationship with the divine, you will access subtler and sweeter realms. You may notice that your connection to the physical planes also lightens as the density that has limited you yields its boundaries and begins to favour less constricting environments.” ~ Gaia thru Pepper Lewis

Channelling proliferates on the internet. Two sites that screen and compile channelling from various sources are . This site includes Ascended Masters, Archangels and other celestials who are concerned with humanity’s upliftment into Biological Ascension.

The other site is This site includes messages from various ET groups, including Galactic Federation, and many high level councils from other ET civilisations guiding frontline Lightworkers towards Nesara, First Contact and Planetary and Biological Ascension.

All channelling is able to be influenced by the channel, and for this reason has always been a spiritual process and not a psychic phenomenom. All channelling needs to be communicated is clearly, without any bias, embellishment or distortion. All channelling needs to be read with discernment, and compared with other channelling from other sources. The Galactic Federation occasionally issue cautions about false messages, and recommend staying with the broad consensus of channelling information.

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