Choosing an Open Mind

Choosing an Open Mind

A major reason people meditate is to learn to open the mind. We have tricked ourselves into closing the mind and cannot find the way out because we conceive closed-mind solutions. A power exercise to open the mind about this book’s ‘alternative reality claims’ is to consider possibilities, not probabilities, and to allow the mind to remain open, without deciding one way or another. When the mind is open, or held in abeyance, other information may then trickle in, from ones guides, other parts of consciousness, from others, etc.

Readers can choose between whether they could be a higher being, constrained in a biological body; or could not (which assumes the common default position that they are essentially a rock ape and can only evolve slowly and painfully, or else an original sinner, destined for hell).

And whether they could have a beautiful, wise, loving, inner nature, covered by buried rejections; or could not, and that their nature really is evil, selfish, greedy, etc. the common default position.

Whether the Earth could be ascending; or whether it could not, and will continue to deteriorate.

Whether global problems could be fixed from a higher paradigm; or could not and will keep getting worse.

Whether super-intelligent or caring ETs could exist and be here to assist us; or could not exist.

Whether there could be a vastly improved economic system ready to roll out; or could not be.

Whether we could get a medical system that works properly; or could not

Whether higher consciousness could exist; or could not exist.

This exercise can be repeated for every statement or assertion that the reader finds novel or incredulous, leaving beliefs, which snap the mind shut, out of the process.

It should be obvious to most people that by adopting the coulds, which is the rational and responsible approach, the mind is forced to remain open, while not being forced or obliged to decide, commit etc, and close down again.

The point is for the mind to open and remain open, allowing other processes to engage.

Possibilities Consciousness

If a person can master the coulds, they can then engage in “what if?” and explore positive and creative possibilities in the imagination, allowing their higher faculties to have an input.

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