How the Illuminati are being Defeated

How the Illuminati are being Defeated

The illuminati have been quietly resisted by those working for Global Ascension, which has always been the original cosmic plan, and is the high-level spiritual counterpart to the low-level, evil NWO. Earth Allies and Lightworkers must work lawfully, decently, honourably, and secretly against extremely ruthless, corrupt, unethical, and underhanded people, who also have weaponry beyond that available to the US armed forces, and will bribe, blackmail, slander and assassinate to achieve their nefarious ends.

White Knights

Around the 1980s, partly as a consequence of the illuminati upheavals, many of the illuminati sons and daughters decided they would rather live in a better world, and to assist this became white knights, unbeknown to their illuminati elders, and have been secretly using their mega riches, power and influence towards better ends, in particular investing huge moneys in the prosperity funds.

Earth Allies

Many persons of influence in high places within Govt, Corporations, NGOs, etc and working to bring about Disclosure, arresting banksters and other crooks, announcing Nesara, world peace, planetary ecological sustainability, etc. Many work in secret as double agents in areas where these goals are resisted.

Galactic Confederation

In the mid 1990s, the GF confronted the Anchara Alliance with significantly superior forces, The AA are a galactic-level alliance of evil that have controlled the Earth since virtually forever. Anchara agreed to a peace accord with the GF and withdrew. The Annunaki capitulated and joined the GF.  It was expected that the illuminati would also cease playing ‘devil’s advocate’, make peace and join the Planetary and Biological Ascension process, especially since the experiment had already exceeded its original goal. The Illuminati accepted the offer, but then betrayed it with 9/11, and worked with assistance from rogue ETs who had remained, continuing their secret programs to create a NWO of elitists and slaves.

Global Ascension moves from 4D to 5D

After the illuminati effectively declared war on humanity, it was decided to take advantage of the extra work and growth they have caused humanity, and use this to lift Global ascension beyond the High 4D to 5D, totally clear of all lower 4D influences.

The GF have placed on the Earth over 30,000 Galactic Humans with high-level abilities to assist Earth-Allies uncover, expose, undo, and prevent further Illuminati illegal dealings. Bank accounts belonging to crooks have been frozen and made inaccessible, which was the reason behind the oil price spike, to regain funds, which refinanced Russia and Venezuela, much to the Illuminati’s horror. The use of food to produce fuel alcohol instead of using waste was pre-planned to assist the starvation of ‘useless eaters’.

Galactic Federation are able to walk the corridors of the Pentagon inconspicuously appearing as legitimate personnel and can also invisibly attend illuminati boardrooms and meetings, and are privy to many illuminati secrets and agreements. The GF have lessened the effect of the illuminati-created diseases, and have de-fused many explosives designed to wreak havoc in the US and invoke martial law.

Work By Earth Allies

Patrick Fitzgerald, who investigated the Valerie Plame outing, has issued more than 30,000 indictments against serious, high-level elite criminals, and has been waiting for the right time to have them served en mass.  This will be timed to be immediately before the NESARA announcement. All high level crooks from the Bush Admin, including Bush, Cheney and Condi have already being served, but are allowed minimum freedom so as not to alarm the population, until all is triggered to occur simultaneously.

The financial collapse was meant to leave the banks and corporations all powerful over an impoverished population of useless eaters. The refunding will not help long term in the face of a $600 trillion derivatives debt, still held off balance sheets. These illusionary investments represent more Illuminati money no longer available to them. Members of the illuminati need mega funds to maintain lifestyle and pay ongoing bribes through the banksters to the large numbers being bought off.

Whistle blowers of the numerous alphabet agencies of the military/industrial etc, complex are exposing secret plans of the cabal. Many of these were illuminati pawns who have changed sides under the Cosmic Light Recruitment Program to negate and work off accumulated negative karma. Now working as double agents and helping to undermine and sabotage the NWO plans for a world fascist dictatorship.

Evil Beings Destiny

Incorrigibly evil beings who refuse to reorient themselves away from evil will be dissolved back into the cosmic soup, and any benefits of their energy will be used in the Universal Creative process. Lesser evil beings will go to another planet, where they will engage primitive but difficult conditions.

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