Planetary and Biological Ascension

Planetary and Biological Ascension

Traditionally, in the East, Self-realisation, God-realisation, and Enlightenment are all early examples of Individual Ascension while living, which was considered to occur only rarely and exceptionally. Ascension is also the process a normal person undergoes after ‘dying’, when they leave their body in the 3rd dimension, and take up residence in the 4th dimension, or higher if they are more spiritually accomplished.

The Aquarian or Golden age is about Mass Biological Ascension to a higher dimension of all interested and committed beings while still alive in the body. This mass ascension event is empowered by the Planetary Ascension of the Earth, people being made up of earth elements. The Earth is ascending and will transform, becoming a sacred planet, and taking its place as a Star Nation in the Heavenly realms. Earth Humans are invited along, but must choose Ascension, which requires a clear choice and commitment to personally going through the Ascension process, which includes total emotional clearing, new chakra and DNA development, and the incorporation of the essential elements of the full human, as developed over the last 150 years. This will produce the Ascended 5th Dimensional, or Galactic Human.

After the illuminati revoked their own surrender with 9/11, it was decided to make use of the extra work incurred and extra growth produced, caused through challenging the oppression of humanity, and use this to lift Biological Ascension by a whole dimension beyond the original 4D, to 5D, totally clear of all lower 4D influences. Biological Ascension while still alive in the body, by people with complex, multi-genetic makeup is new, and will send a transformative wave throughout the Galaxy, freeing all star nations to progress to higher levels. Already many ripples have gone out, resulting in many star nations experiencing breakthroughs, and also visiting the solar system as the source of the energy, in time for Planetary and Biological Ascension. Ascension through two dimensions, while remaining alive in the body, is unique in the universe, and will significantly enlarge and upgrade the Ascension wave effect. This tidal wave of consciousness will directly affect the entire Universe, and enable the Universe to go through its own Universal Ascension.

Ascension is progressing through loosening and stirring up people’s buried pain, trauma, denials, etc that contaminates the subconscious, and blocks access to the Soul. These denials will arise to the surface, and come into awareness to be witnessed and accepted, whereupon they will dissolve. The underlying healing of these painful rejections has already occurred, and there is now no need to re-experience the original pain and trauma, as used to be the case under therapy.

Whereas previously people were required to meditate, etc, to clear and progress, now massive, high-level cosmic light is being rained down, and people are only required to maintain openness, and to handle the effects of having their subconscious negativities being released; their junk DNA converted to a 3rd strand, plus an extra 6 chakras coming into being, mostly in the upper body and head area. Their carbon based bodies are also becoming crystalline structured, all in preparation for the transition to a 5D reality. The Ascension effects are likely to produce flu-like symptoms, colloquially called ‘Ascensionitis’. Basic treatment is to drink lots of water and not get caught up in hypochondria.

It is to each person’s free choice and ultimate benefit to ascend, and adds to the radiant transmission that will flow from Earth to the Galaxy and Universe. Following the announcements, masses of people are expected to belatedly choose to get on board. Those not choosing to be part of this Planetary and Biological Ascension process may be relocated to an already existing parallel Earth. They will not encounter serious evil beyond their own collective manifestations, and many are expected to fast-track their own next collective ascension event in about 100 years. Others wishing to defer their ascension indefinitely will be relocated to Wolf 359 for an easier, longer path.

Depending on the difficulties that are encountered when Ms Gaia readjusts her tectonic plates, provision has already been made to temporarily take people off the surface, if necessary, either in star ships, or into the inner Earth, where crystal cities have been prepared by Lemurians. The worst-case scenario is that all beings be put into stasis, while a massive clean up operation takes place. As Lightworkers manifest more light on the planet, harmony increases, and tectonic adjustment difficulties are reduced.

Not Ascended                                      Ascended

Traditional, Piscean,                 Lower 3 Charkas                                 All 7 Chakras

Individual Ascension to                        Left or Right Brain                                Whole Brain

Planetary Human                     Emotionally Closed                              Emotionally Open

Duality                                                             Unity

3rd Dimension                                       4th Dimension

New, Aquarian,                           7 Chakra System                                 13 Chakra System

Biological Ascension to                2 Strand DNA                                       3 strand DNA

Galactic Human                           Carbon Bodies                                     Crystalline Bodies

3rd Dimension                                       5th Dimension

What is Ascension – Archangel Metatron

There is much more to Ascension than moving through a dimension or two. Humanity has kept their eyes on this first jump in understanding and awareness. One of the reasons that humanity has stayed so long in the reincarnational wheel of expression is because they have not considered the fact that life on Earth is just the beginning of a journey in experiencing all life and life forms. Ascension is but just the start of a very long journey which takes one back to Source.

To ascend means that the vibrations of the Soul and the physical body that contains the Soul increases until both of them are able to reach a higher plane of existence. The Maker-Of-All wants to see you empowered by all the experiences that you have developed and this will not be shorn from you as you will go back to Source. The Soul will eventually connect with Source with all its memories intact.

The physical will change very dramatically by the time the Soul encounters Source. The physical form will make its way back to the Ultimate Creator, but it would be very different from your present physical body. Externally, the physical body view will not go through many changes, but internally there will be many changes. Internally all the cells must be changed from an organic structure to a crystalline structure. It will not be dense, but rather the electrons of the physical will be of a different formation and there will be larger spaces between the electrons, but one will be able to decipher the electrical charge of the form. So what I mean is that the physical body will be more electrical rather than a hard substance.

Your abilities are a reflection of God’s abilities and remembering them brought you great power. This had to change so that all Souls could be allowed to follow their path without harm from the dark. In Atlantis the brain was divided because humanity chose to work on a lower objective rather than being aligned to their God. Memory had to be reduced because memory brought forth great spiritual abilities and these abilities could be used in a manner that could harm other humans in their Soul construction.

Connections in the brain must be completed. Electrical wiring in the physical body must change also so that the organs and the brain will accept more of the light that exists in the higher vibrational pools. As you move ever upward, what was lost will be regained. The brain will be connected so that what spiritual information does come to the individual will not be countermanded by logical thought. Logical thought or the scientific protocol destroyed the spiritual connection with God and all the gifts that were intended.

The cells hold light in a manner that hasn’t been experienced since Atlantis. Light can heal and light can sustain as it is God’s love. Light has no words per se, but rather light is an emotion which as it comes from God or Source, is only love as God is only love.

Creating the Ascension – Archangel Uriel channelled by Jennifer Hoffman

Accepting your role as creators in the third dimension has been a difficult task as you have used its polarity to reinforce the negative aspects of your experiences and the illusion of separation and powerlessness that were one option among many that you could use to define your journey. The density of the earth’s energies present you with an opportunity to create from spirit, to mold them into the embodiment of their divine Source. You direct these energies and as you manifest higher levels of creation with them, you form new dimensions and allow ascension to occur.

Your job on earth is to create and to take the third dimension through its creation cycle. While you partner with Source in this process you are the ones who are able to work with the earth’s energies; this is the human dimension and you have authority and dominion over these energies. The more you focus on the creative aspects of your energies and set your intention for the creation of your realities, the transformation of polarity and your ascension, you are enabling ascension to occur as it will happen through your efforts.

Ascension is not limited to the earth and the third dimension. All of your solar system, galaxy and Universe are ascending at this time. Your role in this process is to keep the energy flowing, to move it through this cycle and to remember your power in this process. You are not limited in any aspect of your power as co-creator and you are responsible for your ascension. You are not passengers in this process; you are at the forefront of this shift and while there are energy transmissions, shifts and downloads that assist you, they are possible because of the work that you have done to prepare for them.

The creation cycle is a continuous process of transformation and ascension that you have participated in during many lifetimes. This time is the end of a cycle for the earth and for humanity. Work with your creative energy continuously as you are creating the ascension as you move through it. You cannot wait for the Universe, the angels or your guides to act, they are supporting you and the creation that you are enabling. Creation stops if you stop creating and it moves forward as you continue in your efforts. So create your ascension and remember that you are in control of this process. Be aware of your power and the important role you play in creating heaven on earth and allowing the ascension to occur at this time.

The Hathors thru Tom Kenyon – January 2010

Those of you who are more sensitive to the subtleties of energetics may find yourself “hard hit” by the dimensional and physical shifts that will occur. To a greater or lesser degree, depending upon their vibratory levels, more and more individuals will experience sleep disturbances, and strange dreams – some of them prophetic in nature. The veils between life and death are being lifted, and the veils between dimensions are being parted. Thus some of you may have unusual and extraordinary encounters with animal spirits, devic beings of the Earth, and other nature spirits that have been obscured for the last several thousand years.

There will also most likely be an increase in strange physical ailments that have no logical explanation. These will often arise early in the morning hours as your energy body shifts from its inner journeys back to orientation to your physical form. These types of physical discomforts are a reaction from the organs within your body and the various bodily systems to the accelerating changes taking place.  You may experience sudden and unexpected periods of extreme fatigue, weakness, and even the very odd state of being both awake and asleep at the same time.

Appreciation for the smallest things in your life will give you the greatest results. The simple act of appreciation for what is in your life will shift your vibratory field faster and more effectively. Regardless of what unfolds before you, or in the lives of those around you, we suggest you cultivate appreciation for the smallest things in your life. Share your love and affection for those to whom you feel close.

Hilarion thru Marlene Swetlishoff – January 2010

If you have not experienced the high energies running through you before, you will certainly start doing so now. The energies running through your physical bodies will be unmistakable to you, with many of you vibrating so much that you feel that you will take off and start flying into the air if they get any stronger. Fear not, Dear Ones, for each of you that have been prepared for this are now serving as the Transducer that we talked about in previous messages. This process means that not only are you holding the Light and anchoring into the crystalline core of the Earth but that your physical body is also transforming and mutating into the crystalline based body that is the destiny of every Human Being upon the Earth who has chosen Ascension with the Earth, even those who at this time are not even aware that they have made this choice. If you have found your way to be reading these words, you are such a One. Rest assured that with these energies you and all about you will be changing and indeed, are changing.

The Earth is surrounded by a Golden Light and this Light is creating the most wondrous changes within each individual. You who are the trail blazers, the torch bearers are coming into your own. There will be plenty of work yet to do, for the reason and purpose of your being here at this time in the history of the Earth is now beginning to come into your awareness. Each of you have a great many Guides, Teachers and Angels who surround you constantly and serve you in many ways, whether you are aware of this or not. It behooves each of you to become attuned to their presence around you. How to do this? Speak out loud to them as though they are visible right in front of you, for truly that is where we are, speak to us of your day, the challenges you are experiencing, the thoughts you have been thinking, the emotions that you have been feeling. When you do this, you acknowledge our presence and it is understood that you desire our input in whatever way is most appropriate. We are joyful in giving you this service, Beloved Ones. Look and listen for our response.

Many, many of you will be Awakening to the presence of Spirit in the coming days, weeks and years ahead and this is a part of the Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her. Know that if you stay centered in the knowledge of the Divine Being that you are and that you are Loved beyond measure by we of the Spiritual Hierarchy and all of the Ascended Host and that you are being guided, assisted and protected in all ways in your daily lives, you will always be doing the right thing at the right time in divine protection. More of you will be banding together in larger groups than ever before to effect greater changes upon your World and are now realizing the great good that can be accomplished as you do this.

Each of you are walking your talk, showing the way by the example of your daily lives which are shining with the radiance of your great Spirit. This will become more and more noticeable as the days continue, for your Light will come shining through in all that you do and those around you cannot help but be affected by your Light. Soon this Light as it expands will touch the Light of your Brothers and Sisters and will ignite and connect all around the World until all there is, is Light. We thank you, Beloved Ones, for all that you are doing, all that you have already accomplished and the great good that is surely taking place upon your Planet because you have set foot upon it. We love to be working with you as spiritual comrades, friends and team members. This has created an impetus that is unstoppable and now Humankind is turned firmly toward the Light, toward Peace, toward a new way of living and Being. We rejoice!

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