Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides were made known in Automatic Writings compiled by Alan Kardec in Spirits Book 1861

“If there be a doctrine that should win over the most incredulous by its charm and its beauty, it is that of the existence of spirit-protectors, or guardian-angels. To think that you have always near you beings who are superior to you, and who are always beside you to counsel you, to sustain you, to aid you in climbing the steep ascent of self-improvement, whose friendship is truer and more devoted than the most intimate union that you can contract upon the earth. Is not such an idea most consoling?

“Those beings are near you by the command of God. It is He who has placed them beside you. They are there for love of Him, and they fulfil towards you a noble but laborious mission. They are with you wherever you may be; in the dungeon, in solitude, in the lazar-house, even in the haunts of debauchery. Nothing ever separates you from the friend whom you cannot see, hut whose gentle impulsions are felt, and whose wise monitions are heard, in the innermost recesses of your heart.

“Would that you were more fully impressed with this truth! How often would it aid you in your moments of need! How often would it save you from the snares of evil spirits! But, at the great day of account, how often will your guardian-angel have to say to you, ‘Did I not urge you, and yet you would not follow my leading? Did I not show you the abyss, and yet you persisted in throwing yourself into it? Did I not cause your conscience to hear the voice of truth, and have you not followed lying counsels?’ Question your guardian-angels; establish between yourselves and them the affectionate intimacy which exists between tried and loving friends.

“Do not think to hide anything from them, for they are the eye of God, and you cannot deceive them. Think of the future; seek to advance on the upward road: your trials will be shorter, your existences happier. Men, take courage! Cast far from you all prejudices and mental reservations; enter resolutely upon the new road that opens before you! You have guides; follow them. Your goal cannot fail you, for that goal is God Himself.

“To those who may think it impossible that spirits of high degree should bind themselves to a task so laborious and demanding so much patience on their part, we reply, that we influence your Souls while at many millions of leagues from you. To us, space is nothing; and, while living in another world, our spirits preserve their connection with yours. We possess qualities of which you can form no idea; but be sure that God has not imposed upon us a task above our strength, and that He has not abandoned you upon the earth without friends and without support. Every guardian-angel has his ward, over whom he watches as a father watches over his child: he rejoices when he sees him following the right road; he mourns when his counsels are neglected.

“Do not fear to weary us with your questions. Remain, on the contrary, always in connection with us: you will thus be stronger and happier. It is this communication between each man and his familiar spirit that will eventually make all men mediums, and drive out incredulity from your world. You who have received instruction, instruct in your turn: you who are possessed of talents, raise your brethren. You know not how great a work you accomplish by so doing; it is the work of Christ, the work imposed on you by God. Why has God given you intelligence and knowledge, if not to share them with your brethren, to aid them to advance on the road that leads to eternal felicity?”

Spirits Book is a free PDF download from the internet

Over the last 150 years, this sublime, natural spiritual relationship has undergone much upliftment, improvement and upgrading, include our Main Guide, Teaching Guides, which can be Masters and Archangels, Healing Guides, Joy Guides, Gatekeepers, Guardian Angles, Angels, Nature Spirits, etc.

Adele Linsata – July 2009

What are Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers?

In your lifetime you will have many guides and teachers in spirit who will be working with you, Your Guardian Angel and Gatekeeper are the only ones with you from birth, until you make your transition home. All of your other spirit guides and teachers come and work with you, as you are experiencing different levels and experiences of education, which there are wide ranges that you have chosen to go through in this physical incarnation on Mother Earth.

Spirit guides influence many areas of our lives, personally, professionally and spiritually. Whatever influence the spirit is familiar with or comfortable with, from one of their own incarnations on earth, will be the area of proficiency in which the influence will be felt the most when they work with us.

The same is true with spirits in general; as in our loved ones who have transitioned home, because they all hold on to their personal uniqueness when they make their transition into spirit. If they were shy, loving, scientific, creatively gifted, loud, giving, or hotheaded, they are that same way in spirit. This is not to say that they have not changed and grown, just that, this is what we remember our loved ones being like, when they were here on Earth with us. This then, is a recognizable personal uniqueness of

themselves to us that we can associate with, when they want to give us a message or let us know when they are around.

Spirit guides and teachers with similar characteristics are drawn to us; frequently they will share the same interest, having similar personality traits, and may have worked in the same profession as we are right now. This is also true for ones in spirits who are not our guides or teachers, but see the similarity of light we share with them and they stop by, so to say and visit with us. I once had a missionary who appeared beside me which was wonderfully comforting as at that moment in time, I was working on a mission with abused women and children. The similarities of what we both love to do became apparent to this individual in spirit (by recognizing and being drawn to my light) and he just wanted to stop in and say hello to see what I was working on. Somewhere within this coming together, there are going to be similarities that you will find between the two of you.

You will find Doctor Guides, working with those who work within the healing professions, spiritual healers, doctors, especially nurses, Reiki masters. The master teacher seems to come in around highly religious people or the missionary who fights for a worthy cause. We attract to us that which is similar. Some believe they need only seek the ascended masters in all they do, and there is nothing wrong with this. But, I also know that we have made contracts with so many guides and teachers, from the spiritual realms for our incarnation this lifetime, to work with us in our spiritual journey. It would be a shame not to acknowledge and seek their counsel also. For they have their specific work to do with us in our learning/educational path.

From Birth to Transition this Spirit Guide is with you

The first guide in the band is called Gatekeeper, or Doorkeeper. This particular spirit guide/teacher is with you from birth until you make your transition home, just as your guardian angel does, but, please do not confuse the two.

This spirit guide is your overall protector, and looks out for your best interest and holds you close so no harm may come to you. Very often when you see a gatekeeper guide around someone, the guide will stand behind or in front of that person, wearing a voluminous cape, with lots of enveloping folds. Which then, this guide will wrap the cape around the individual, which automatically signals a feeling of protection and identifies the guide as a gatekeeper.

A Gatekeeper guide knows your contract from start to finish and most likely has been your Gatekeeper in previous lifetimes, but not all of them. A Gatekeeper is a very large tall being, he and or she energy. A Gatekeeper is so tall that most times their knees are through the ceiling of your home. This one may be male or female energy and it does not matter what gender you are. My own Gatekeeper is predominantly male; I have met many who like to carry the energy of both genders. This can be very enlightening as the individual who has that Gatekeeper guide may not always know their own minds. The nationality of a Gatekeeper can vary from Eastern Indian, Romanian, and Norwegian to Hungarian, Arabic, English to Scottish and more. They really do not discriminate. It is in the eyes of the beholder and that which brings you much comfort.

A Gatekeeper will allow you to make every mistake you can make without interference. As this is the way it works, you have free will of choice. You must ask for the assistance of any guide for them to be able to intercede in different areas of your life. The more you get to know any of your guides the more they will be there on your behalf in everything you do.

You will also find the Gatekeeper will have characteristics similar to your own. The Gatekeeper is the one who gives his consent or non-consent to the visiting clients – guides, teachers and loved ones in spirit, to communicate in a reading with the medium. When an individual is in a reading session it will be up to that individuals Gatekeeper as to what messages are being brought in. So many things are for you to see, know and understand during your reading. If your Gatekeeper says that it is important for you to know at that time, you will. If they Gatekeeper say there is a bigger message to be heard, that message will be heard before anything else. No matter how bad you want to hear something else. Remember it is your Gatekeeper that allows all messages to be delivered for a reason. Honour and trust your Gatekeeper in all you do and you will always be on the right path in your life.

Your Guardian Angel Is One of Your Spirit Guides

Guardian Angels and Angels are spiritual beings who are very present in our lives and in a class all by themselves. What makes them angelic is that they have never incarnated on Mother Earth, unlike our Spirit Guides and teachers. Their affiliation is with the elemental kingdom, such as; nature spirits, gnomes, fairies, sylphs, water sprites, etc. The nature kingdom lives in a universal realm, parallel to ours, and they evolve in their realm, as we do in ours.

Our personal Guardian Angel is with us from birth until we make our transition home, as is our Gatekeeper – once again not to be confused with each other. Guardian Angels has never had a physical incarnation, while our Gatekeeper, guides and teachers have had many a lifetime in physical form. Guardian Angels hold no ego, anger, frustration or negativity; it is not and cannot be within their own cosmic makeup of the angelic realms. On the other hand, spirit guides understand those displayed sensations from their own incarnation upon Mother Earth, where they too once held those physical emotions.

Guardian Angels are to keep us on our path of light in all we do. If you are in a work atmosphere that is not good right now, you Guardian Angel has been giving you messages, signs and symbols to let you know they too understand this and are trying to steer you in the right direction. This may be to make amends of the energy at work, to guide you to that new and better job, to stay put until things blow over, etc… When you are in a relationship and you just feel that it is not right, Your Guardian Angel is there giving you support to keep you strong for you to be to leave the situation in peace with no harm to none. Or may have you look at the situation from a fresh perspective to see all of it in the light of truth. Your Guardian Angel will not allow anything to come to you before it is your time.

Your Guardian Angel is always there waiting for you to ask assistance in anyway possible, no Angel or guide may intercede with the exception of your Guardian Angel if you are in harm’s ways before your time, no matter what. And because of free will of choice no angel or guide may assist you without your permission. They are just waiting for you to ask them whatever it is they may assist you with. And then watch as you will be lead to one place or another for the best possible outcome. You will be given all that you need, just remember to ask.

As your Guardian Angel is a guide to you in keeping you filled with light as you go about your day, keep you safe from harms touch and keeping you in touch with the Angelic Realms. Ask your Guardian Angel to visit with you and show you a sign. Be open to receive what is being given to you. It may be a card someone send to you in the mail that has an Angel picture on it. It may be a sweet smelling flower floating by. It may even be meeting someone whose name is Angel. Now what a nice day that will be, open yourself to greet your Guardian Angel and you will always know you have an Angel and Guardian by your side!

Evolution in the spirit realms has kept pace with upliftments in humanities spiritual consciousness. The nature of the relationship has become more subtle and intimate, made possible by the turning towards the God within, consistent with the Aquarian age.

When a person prays to God, it is the spirit guides responding on behalf of God, who works through them, and the same is true for those who have Gurus and Masters. Guides are able to work with us best when we aspire to the highest, for then they can guide us with pure inspiration, which we experience as coming from within. They encourage and assist us to develop our spiritual gifts.

Spirit Guides are able to train a person in various spiritual gifts that will bring the person closer to God, and experience intimacy with God, enabling a more subtle and sublime form of guidance. They can bring in highly elevated beings to complement their work if need be, especially for advanced teaching work.

Much space has been allocated to the person–Guide relationship, indicating the important part it plays in developing people, and to encourage everybody to deepen this relationship and develop it more fully.

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