Heart, Mind and Soul

Heart, Mind and Soul

The right, left, whole brain issue can be described equally well from another perspective, that of Heart, mind and Soul.

The two great changes that each of us must undergo to be able to ascend is: 1) to open the mind; and 2) to open the Heart.

1)      Opening the mind is very much what Buddhism and meditation is about. Scepticism, which is a sign of a closed mind, is an erroneous defence against gullibility. Both lack awareness and discernment. The traditional way of opening the mind is through meditation, which involves abiding in awareness while witnessing the mind’s inclination to ramble on about everything and nothing.

Even more insidious is the mind’s inclination towards automatic interpretation and judgement, causing misperceptions and an illusionary ‘reality’. The usual mind finds it very difficult to remain open at any time, and craves closure, out of insecurity, making an open mind difficult to achieve.

Some people spend years in meditation without observable success, partly because the meditator does not sufficiently understand what they are trying to achieve and why and then create needless internal struggles.

2)      Opening the Heart is very much what Christianity tries to achieve. Cynicism is a sign of a closed Heart, and is an erroneous defence against fear of emotional pain caused by disappointed hopes, dashed expectations, and other feelings of loss. The traditional way of opening the Heart is through prayer-as-celebration, appreciation, gratitude and love.

The usual Heart is closed because it is trying to avoid experiencing emotional pain. Once closed, emotional pain is shoved into the subconscious, creating an obstacle that cuts the consciousness off from inner truth. It then becomes terrified of the subconscious, the invisible and the unknown.

The primary issue is the Heart, and the secondary issue is the mind.

The Heart is the locus of true consciousness, where we access the Soul, which is always in touch with reality. Only an open Heart is in touch with the Soul. When the Heart is open, the mind is more than happy to be at rest and abide in awareness, its natural state. The enlightened mind is both open and profoundly aware, not closed and not compulsively thinking from within the 3D matrix.

When the Heart is closed, the person cannot access their inner reality, and will resort instead to the mind, and all of its insecurities. Having no inner certainty or security, the mind seeks to close and settle on the external references and props of the 3D matrix, which produces an outcome that will console it, and is very resistant to opening up again and letting go.

All of this is best understood if we approach it from the top down. God is cosmic-consciousness and each Soul is grown around a ‘spark of divinity’ or ‘fragment’ of God, over eons of time, and is composed only of God-compatible qualities. The Soul is the true ‘I’, the source of love wisdom and compassion, and just as the Soul is God’s representative on a higher dimension, the person is the Soul’s representative on the physical plane, and is supposed to be open to the guidance of the soul. Because this has been so difficult, we are given guides to assist us when we request it.

The Soul grows around the God spark, and is always in communion with God. The job of the person is to always be open to the Soul, which has intelligence, wisdom, love and compassion in vast amounts compared to the mind. The Soul is our super-conscious self, is in constant communion with God, and is what we mean by the God within.

The locus of the Soul is the Heart, but the channel between the Soul and the Heart must be wide open, like a super highway, and not closed, or narrow like a goat track. All that we fear is held in our Heart. All that we deny is held in our Heart. All that we hate is held in our Heart. All that we reject is held in our Heart. All that we blame is held in our Heart.

All that we hold in our Heart is a barrier to the Soul, so we spend our lives feeling separated from our Soul, because we have already denied our Soul with whatever we hold in our Heart, and that blocks Soul access. When we have lost contact with our inner being, we yearn for love from outside, to feel love, to be loved, to be in love. Yet it is the inner love, or Soul radiance through an open heart that sustains us, fulfils us, and enables us to be truly giving, unconditional loving and a Light unto others.

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