Illusionati Faction 2 SuperGroup

Illuminati Faction 2 SuperGroup

After Annunaki pulled out in 1994, there was a power struggle between various high-level conspiracy groups, resulting in consolidation of many groups into a general illuminati super-group, which would work all-out to create their NWO of elitists and slaves. In America this consolidation manifests most overtly as the Rockefeller-controlled Neo-conservative/Republican/Religious-Right/Banking/Military/ Industrial/ Media/Entertainment/Medical/Agricultural/Corporative/NSA/CIA/NSC/FBI etc, complex, all working in substantial internal collusion. This is known as faction 2. Faction 1 is the long extant Rothschild-controlled Europe.

Today there is an almost complete control of the banking, media and entertainment industries by Zionists. This enables them to control US public beliefs, values and attitudes. It enables them to exercise influence on the Govt, neo-cons, and religious right, boosted through blackmail, bribes and threats. Anyone outing corruption is usually themselves outed for sexual indiscretions that the CIA and Mossad have been able to offer set up, provide and secretly film, known as the “honey trap”. Most US congressmen and senators are in this blackmail predicament, and this is behind the solid US support for Israel, and no-ties funding.

The illuminati had intended to out themselves in the Bush years and take the already-existing NWO from covert to overt, enabling total control of populations, similar to the Nazi era, such was their confidence of pulling it off. They have been successfully prevented from doing so, substantially by defending Islamists.

Although many people know the truth of what is happening, the Illuminati have always succeeded in keeping their existence and activities secret from mainstream knowledge, by having compliant politicians, bureaucracies, media, corporations, scientific organisations, Police, CIA, FBI, NSA, NSC, ASIO, etc. all of whom are bribed, and is why banksters are paid so highly – as enablers of such extreme crookedness.

Perpetual War on Terror

Their NWO project was kicked into a higher gear with the 9/11 twin tower debacle, timed to preclude the announcing of NESARA, and then issuing draconian laws in preparation for full martial law being declared in the US, enabling total control of the population and greater freedom to implement the Illuminati NWO Agenda, which includes reduction of Earth’s population by two-thirds or more.

Invasion of Afghanistan was primary to free up the heroin, which bankrolls the CIA ‘black’ operations to destabilise Govts, after the Taliban had shut it down. It was also for a huge oil pipeline traversing the country, which is yet to happen, and to build military bases overlooking Russia and China. Invasion of Iraq was for oil, to change the economic system which does not allow exploitation, sexploitation or usury, and to provide a beach head for invading other oil-rich Moslem countries. On a yet higher level, there are important stargates in both countries that are key to the planetary ascension process, which the illuminati tried to get control of and use for their own ends, but failed.

Owning the world makes perfect sense to them, as also does enslaving all others, and vastly reducing world population through disease, famine and wars. Their only constraint is to remain invisible and their existence plausibly denied to the mainstream population, who would otherwise rise up against them.

How the Illuminati Brainwash their own People

The Illuminati believe that the mind is superior to the emotions, and by eliminating the emotions, they are able to accomplish their ends without conscience, which they regard as a hindrence. Their own children are given many psychological tests and selected for areas to specialise in. The basic technique then is to induce trauma in their own very young children to create disassociation and total emotional repression. It also creates a split in consciousness, and an impervious barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. When induced in different circumstances, this creates multiple personalities each of which can be called up individually.

Each personality can be taught different specialised skills, including sexual predators and sexual compliance, assassination skills, photographic memory, high priests and priestesses, etc, and each is associated with a different cue. Each personality can then be individually called upon by using the particular cue, in a Manchurian Candidate way. It makes them emotionally repressed and right-brain deficient, but highly mentalised, left-brain dominant, highly intelligent, but without insight, wisdom, or compassion. Marriages are pre-arranged to keep it in the family, with dangers of inbreeding, hence ‘blue-bloods’.

Without emotional well-being, they are constantly unfulfilled, highly materialistic, insatiably greedy, and utterly ruthless in satisfying that greed. The effect can be seen in ordinary mainstream people, through the Illuminati influence on mainstream education and culture, especially since the 1980s return to laissez-faire capitalism, a Rockefeller illuminati imposition. They wish to preserve the 3D grid, even though it is no longer supported by planetary, galactic or universal energies and is now just an illusion, kept consciously energised by those who still subscribe to it, through believing TV, news, etc, which are totally controlled and shaped by the illuminati.

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