Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities

The planet is here for a purpose

the evolution of all life

the upliftment of all beings

beyond all trouble and strife

We came here to be stewards

to treat the Earth as gracious

and partake of nature’s bounty

without ever being rapacious

When nature is our friend

nature will treat us well

If we treat her as the enemy

we create our own living hell

We need a stable system

without the boom and bust

or destructive exploitation

Where all things done are just

One in which the way we live

doesn’t make us a debtor

and what we do in our work

makes the environment better

There’s a new ball game to living

Community is the foundation

Bioregions is how it divides

not language, race or nation

We can create our own communities

where all things are sustainable

and by living our lives wholistically

our dreams become attainable

Everyone can be empowered

so that they can play their part

in creating a better life

through following their heart

Everyone will understand

that the purpose for their birth

is to create a culture

that gives each person their worth

A culture where we can live

in ways that are wholistic

by following our highest truth

and simply being realistic

We can fine-tune our economics

without going berserk

by rewarding what needs to happen

and not what doesn’t work

We can easily adjust our accounting

to acknowledge external costs

so businesses will be lean and green

and avoid having any imposts

We can put a tax on carbon

and charge for cutting down trees

and charge on anything that is mined

resources should not be freebies

If we do not value negatives

they will simply cease to be

and everything will be improved

by every activity

We can easily improve our lives

and increase community wealth

by using proper measures

like valuing people’s health

To have a life of plenty

and live within our means

in ways that aren’t destructive

is easier than it seems

We can all enjoy fulfilling lives

by working in nature’s flow

and having a life of abundance

by reaping what we sow

Each of us can contribute

wherever our talent lies

And as we work together

Fulfilment is the prize

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