Whole-Brain Manifestations

Whole-Brain Manifestations


Whole-brain people find that their natural self-awareness automatically sorts their thinking processes, to become more tidy and orderly, and reconnecting in ways that gave sense and meaning to past events. With the addition of their right-hemisphere, creative side, they become whole-brain confluent, spontaneously capable of inductive reasoning and parallel, lateral and divergent thinking, and are wide open to new ideas, novel viewpoints, insights, intuitions and inspirations.

Questioning Assumptions

In place of compulsive thinking, or needing to ‘make up one’s mind’ people find they are now able to hold their mind ‘in abeyance’. Beliefs, which had been long-held in the subconscious as unquestionable truths, will loosen and surface into consciousness to become examinable working hypotheses, capable of being inspected and challenged from varying viewpoints and under differing parameters, and open to refinement and modification.


With the addition of their right-hemisphere, creative side enabling whole-brain coherence, they are also open to integrative thinking, novel and innovative cutting-edge ideas, capable of grasping complex interactions, integrating diverse ideas, joining the dots between synchronous events, bridging separate disciplines, seeing the larger picture, intuiting trends, envisaging creative ideas and conceiving integrated, multiple win-win solutions.

Present Centeredness

For the left brain person, the past determines the present, and the person is continually drawn to the past, or escaping into a fantasised future. For the whole-brain person, in reality there is only the present moment, where healing the past, and determining the future occurs. Finding this to be so, the whole-brain person finds it rather effortless to remain in the potent, present moment.

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