Becoming Whole-Brain People

Becoming Whole-Brain People

Traditional Aborigines are an intuitive, naturally artistic, predominantly right-brain people. This enables them to attune to nature, and to have many important skills on tap that left-brain dominant people are unable to access from within themselves, but which they very much need, if only they knew.

Being right-brain functional is not some eccentric activity. Women are naturally more right-brain functional than men, indigenous people more than industrialised people, traditional people more than mainstream people, as a rule. It is no accident that all of these groups of people are the more oppressed groups, at the hand of characteristically intolerant, left-brain groups, who cannot understand or appreciate how much they are actually being nurtured and assisted by right-brained people, who are often able to feel their denied pain. Aboriginal people are the “counter-balance” to provide wholistic completion to a dichotomised situation.

Being right-brained also enables them to feel and adsorb much emotional pain, that has been caused unto them through no fault of their own, far beyond what almost any white person could endure without going into denial and suppression. They have been absorbing and processing the dominant peoples’ denied and unresolved pain and suffering, which has never been lifted since prison settlement, because the dominant race are still in denial. That is what sorry is all about. Aboriginal people are learning the left-brain through suffering and processing the denied and unresolved problems of the left-brain paradigm, and will eventually become their insightful, compassionate wisdom to show left-brain people the way out of their internal dilemma.

When right brain functioning is included instead of being banished, balanced, whole-brain development ensures that fastest and more comprehensive learning takes place. Studies going back to the 1960s have found that people learn far more quickly when their right-brain activity is functioning intact. One family in Wales brought their children up to be contented, curious, interested, and free to explore and experiment, without imposed rules and regimes. They home-schooled their four children to each become prodigies in different fields, including art, piano, computers and maths. One child completed a university degree at 15.

Becoming Whole-Brained

Whole-brain” refers to the confluent, inter-active, integrated activity of both ways of hemispheres, which is relatively unknown in mainstream society. When confluence occurs, the experience can be that of satori, enlightenment, inspiration, illumination, self-actualisation, etc, giving the person inordinate acumen, perspicacity, acuity and wisdom. It is human fulfilment, how people are naturally, and how all human beings are supposed to develop.

Rather than push Aboriginal people into the old, mechanical, industrial-revolution left-brain paradigm, it would be wiser to facilitate them becoming whole-brain functional. This is best achieved by gentle, caring means, not any more of the harsh means that have failed so comprehensively, over and over again. Reducing people to ground zero does not leave them free to move on, it gives them overwhelming problems to deal with, without the means of dealing with them.

Aboriginal people are on their way to becoming a whole-brain people, which is a good thing, and may even be in advance of left-brain mainstream people, who are also coming to the same whole-brain fulfilment, but from the opposite direction, through re-embracing their suppressed, right-brain functions. For this reason, a certain interaction by Aborigines with the left-brain, mainstream paradigm is appropriate, and vice versa, because they are both each other’s solution and fulfilment. But it must be done the right way, through attraction towards what is interesting and fulfilling. They do not need any more dysfunctional aspects of mainstream culture imposed upon them as their de-facto paradigm. They should have always been treated with sensitivity and gentleness, and had this happened, whole-brain functioning would have become prevalent amongst both parties to the interaction. Sustainable community living is the perfect milieu for transitioning left-brain and right brain people into whole-brain, self-actualisers.

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