People get their energy from one of two sources, either channelling it, ultimately from the Divine, which is love based, attracts love and light, is uplifting, fulfilling, is always available and sustains; or else psychically vampiring it from other sources, which fear based, attracts only low level energies, is down-pulling, addictive, needs victims who then become drained, and after the short-term affects wears off, leaves the vampire feeling empty and desperate for more. All acts of goodness and evil have these principles at their core. In the final analysis, everything reduces to love or fear.

The term Illusionati has for many decades referred to a ‘shadow Govt’ which pull the strings of Govt, and  today refers to the motley collection of elite conspiratorial groups, whose common purpose is to secretly enslave and defraud the masses, in various ways to varying degrees, and their common modus operandi is to remain invisible, unknown and denied. They include the various royals and the rich and powerful, some of whom have no public face. Conspiratorial groups exist in an uncomfortable state of semi-peace and semi-war with each other. That is, they agree to collude, but being greedy extremists, will exploit each other’s weaknesses at any opportunity.

Their thirst for extreme wealth and power belies their underlying problem: absence of love and consequence intense fear, through being cut off from their own true soul, the inner source of unconditional love and from God, the ultimate source of all love. Their influence on society is to make it in their own image, that is, in the direction of being greedy, competitive, exploitative, heartless, emotionally-repressed, mentally-dominant, materialistic and egotistical. By creating an economic system that favours and rewards these qualities, the upper echelons of society become more like the illuminati and many become inducted into their lower ranks, or act as supporters.

Activities of the Illusionati

The Illusionati have most powerfully focused through the Rothschild’s activities over the last few centuries. Rothschild’s ambition has always been to privately own the central banks in every country and to print and issue bank notes. By owning the central banks, it can print money for little cost and loan the Govt the currency at face value and charge interest on it, while always owning the money. Treasury, borrows the money from the Fed Res at face value, and loans it to Banks. The Banks use this as security to give some backing to loans. Loans then given out can total say 10x or more of the face value of the FED funds borrowed, which represents the bank’s security, but is actually worthless.

Few Countries have ever favoured this arrangement and those that have resisted have had their heads of state assassinated, including Lincoln, Kennedy, the Russian Czar family, etc. The Rothschilds encouraged wars and then fund both sides of the conflict as a super-lucrative arrangement. This includes the Napoleonic wars, American Civil war, both World Wars, the Bolshevik revolution, and the Zionist creation of Israel, etc. The Rockefellers were the Rothschild’s secret representatives in US, as the Rothschild were always known about and banned.

The industrial revolution, that dragged people into cities, breaking-up the extended family and imposing a left-brain paradigm, to divorce people from nature and make them easily brainwashed and compliant, was an illuminati imposition. As was the destruction of the public transport system in the US in the 1930s to force people to purchase cars and fuel; and the depleted, artificial, nutrition-free food industry to keep people weak and sick, so they cannot revolt, as is the chemical medical system that does not cure. Chemicals do not heal, only poison. The current left-brain mis-education extremism and sports obsession are illusionati driven, as is the left-brain, male-energy feminism, to destroy the nuclear family, reduce population, and make more slaves in the work force; and the increasing violence on TV, in movies and computer games, and crass sexuality in pop music. Every industry, every field of endeavour and aspect of life is contaminated and controlled and always has been to greater or lesser degrees. Their destructive agenda reaches into all aspects of mainstream living, right into people’s homes, and is designed to weaken, corrupt and steer people away from real solutions and biological ascension. This is the 3D matrix, it is the illusionary reality, which is maintained by the mainstream consensus, who choose to believe in it.

1980s Split

A split between the Rothschilds of Europe and the Rockefellers of US occurred around the beginning of the 1980s. Whereas the Rothschild-controlled European countries persisted with the more gentle, Keynesian ‘socialistic’ capitalism, introduced after WW2, the English speaking countries, who are controlled by the Rockefellers, went their own way and returned to hard-line laissez-faire Capitalism of the industrial-revolution-to-Great-Depression era,  re-implementing it in the English speaking countries around 1980 as Thatcherism, Reaganomics and Economic Rationalism, to hide the Capitalism title. The Illusionati took over many Corporations, paid their CEO lackeys huge salaries to do their bidding, including reimposing wage-slave conditions by pushing wages down, and increasing unpaid extra hours. The English speaking countries now work the longest working weeks in the OECD. They then outsourced their manufacturing capacity to China with even greater wage-slave conditions, and creating unemployment at home.

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