Underlying Causes

Underlying Causes

Mechanistic Sciences

Health problems have arisen largely because our left-brain western culture finds it difficult to understand and empathise with life itself and living processes, and will instead tend to impose the more ‘mechanistic’ sciences of physics and chemistry on these areas, instead of embracing the newer, more relevant, living sciences of biology and ecology.

The lack of an adequate nutritional approach by food companies, the lack of a sufficiently natural orientation by drug companies, and the lack of a sufficiently preventative approach by the medical system, lies at the heart of almost all medical problems. Mainstream people have been subjected to progressively greater amounts of devitalised and denourished, so-called ‘foods’, since the industrial revolution, although the process has increased substantially since WW2.

Lack of Appreciation for the Natural

The problems of providing good food and health will continue to worsen until we adopt an appreciation of life that is biological and ecological in orientation, and embrace comprehensive methods based on these newer, more relevant sciences. This predicament that humankind has created for itself, will eventually force a shift towards comprehensive biological solutions, and people will become orientated towards regarding themselves, each other, and nature in general more as living, self-regulating, optimising organisms, than erroneously regarding these things as fundamentally flawed mechanisms.

Junk Foods Linked to Diseases

Increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of the linkage between less nutritious, chemically-grown, refined and adulterated, processed “foods”, and the so-called ‘diseases of civilisation’, such as hypertension, heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, obesity, cancers, etc, that are now becoming epidemic wherever such inferior foods are consumed, including many third world countries. Many of these diseases have been pronounced as incurable by a medical system that refuses to acknowledge the contribution that processed foods makes to creating illness, and the contribution that wholesome food makes to improvements in health; that fails to use food as its first line of medicine, and eschews, where ever possible, treating people with natural-based substances.

Healthy Cravings

A subtle and refined enjoyment comes with balanced, integrated health. A healthy body will crave nutrients that are needed for continued or improved health, but lacking in the diet. This is a natural life-preserving and health-promoting property of the body, and such healthy cravings should be heeded. As with the rest of the animal kingdom, our bodies have a natural, instinctive knowledge of what is good for health and survival. In times of illness and pregnancy, these cravings can be more intensive, and can overwhelm our learned bad habits. Pregnant women have been known to eat plaster as a ‘specific hunger’ without consciously knowing that the baby’s body needs calcium, and has depleted the mother’s calcium, inducing cravings in her own body, which can instinctively sense and source calcium in plaster, which is not so strange when compared to normal regular behaviour by the animal kingdom.

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