Flower Children and the Global Elite

Flower Children and the Global Elite

The 1960s was a time of breaking out of the old mould and into new, more effective, healthy and people friendly ways of living. Out of the sixties came the creation of bulk food supplies, organic gardens, living self-sufficiently, natural healing modalities, and experiencing inner freedom and personal sovereignty. Up until then all of these were almost totally foreign to conventional mainstream living.

Sustainable Living

Also out of the 1960s came Flower Children, who created self-sufficient communes, and by demonstrating many aspects of successful sustainable community living, which lay the groundwork for subsequent sustainable communities. They were followed by early pioneers in the 1970s, creating the first wave of pioneering sustainable communities and eventually in the 1980s professionally designed sustainable communities were created. Following decades saw additional, natural-based technologies, and further refinements in the form of specific sustainable templates, such as Co-housing, Eco-villages, Permaculture villages, etc.

Successful sustainable living is about getting the all of the basic essentials right first. This is also called sustainable subsistence living, and contrasts with mainstream living today, where people seek entertainment and luxuries, but without having the crucial, basic essentials of good food, clean water, plentiful, affordable sensible housing, robust health, good education etc. When the basics are right, people feel fulfilled and tend not to bother with entertainment or luxuries, as amply demonstrated by the flower children.

Aquarian Age

The flower children also spoke of the incoming Aquarian age of planetary peace, co-operation and abundance, which generally know today as Planetary and Biological Ascension. They informed us that it could unfold gracefully, (the singing and dancing option); or else it would be resisted and manifest through suffering, (the kicking and screaming option). But one way or the other, it would happen in the very near future.

Global Elite or illuminati

Many people of the 60s and 70’s had explored debt-free, sound, sensible sustainable solutions, and as low-consumption, sustainable communities succeeded and numbers began flourishing, and began permeating mainstream. This went much against the grain of corporations who bridled at the reduced consumption by many young people, who were potentially their greatest cunsumers. The global elite of banksters feared this movement would grow and spread to challenge, and eventually undermine their debt-based, economic and financial control, through the reduction of consumption.

The global elite rejected the singing and dancing option, and sought to implement their own, elitist NWO, using the kicking and screaming alternative. To ensure greater control, the global elite changed the economics in the English-speaking countries, from where most flower children emerged, back to the regressive economics of competition, scarcity and debt, in a wild reprise of the crazy 1920s. This was achieved through enforcing the same regressive, cut-throat, market-place economics that set up the stock-market collapse and great depression in the 1930s.

Laissez-faire Corporatism has never believed it can work honestly and decently, and began with slave labour in the cotton fields and satanic mills, to vastly reduce labour costs, and these have their modern day counterpart, in the working-poor, sweat-shop, wage-slave. It has always impoverished the lowest levels while decreeing that they should be law abiding, whilst the higher echelons would run massive scams, generally the higher the level the greater the scam.

In their drive to further impoverish the poor, through collapsing mortgages via gradually increasing interest rates, the banks themselves collapsed and could then no longer fund the debt-driven corporations. This has now created the greatest of all busts, and the full gamut of out-of-control global problems: financial, ecological, social, economic. The debt-funded proliferation of unsustainable, self-defeating, corporate-driven mainstream practices, beginning in the 1980s and increasing thereafter, are now comprehensively breaking down, making way for real changes.

The breaking down of the excessively costly, ineffectual medical system today that cannot cure myriad runaway diseases many of which are induced by the medical system itself, is largely caused by the lack of proper basics, and is just one example. There is now no field of mainstream endeavour that isn’t thoroughly compromised to the extent that no part of western society any longer functions as it should, and all of it is now bogged down by multiple binds, locked-in to every other part. Under the previous US regime this was accelerated and intensified, which hastened its own demise. The global elite are desperate right now, through losing many of their sources of funding, and their reactions are becoming more overt and visible as they rapidly lose control.

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