Lightworkers are those persons who are dedicated to planetary and biological ascension and able to channel and spread spiritual Light. To be a Lightworker, a person must be in touch with their inner being, and to function from there as their locus of reality, instead of basing their reality on mainstream illusions. This means their energy runs counter to, and effectively undermines and acts to dissolve the mainstream 3D matrix. The 3D grid or matrix imposes an externally-created, obsolete, illusionary, unreality that is now manifesting many global problems, unsolvable from within the same matrix.

A person cannot be functioning as a Lightworker if they fear any of:  the unknown, the invisible realms, their own subconscious, God, the processes of life, etc. Fear disconnects people from their inner being, and thereby from God, and leaves them with only the illusionary mainstream 3D matrix as reality.

Lightworkers are having their DNA upgraded to 3 strands initially, and their charkas increased from 7 to 13. This, and the total emotional clearing also underway is causing growth and ascension symptoms called by some ‘Ascensionitis, and may resemble flu-like symptoms.

Lightworkers do much to lessen the effect of earthquakes, and of tornadoes, cyclones, etc and redirect them away from population centres and back out to sea. Lightworkers also direct light to other disaster areas, especially places that have been damaged by human interference, which includes some earthquakes. They also send much Light and Love to Gaia, to enable her to terraform the planet more graciously, and with less destruction on the surface world.

By communicating through channellings posted on the Internet, the Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters, Arch-Angels and Celestial others are able to guide and inspire Lightworkers, who empower the process at the Earth level. Lightworkers energy undermines the 3D illusion from spiritual levels, and also empowers the Galactic Federation and Celestials, which enables them to further their work, including guiding and assisting the work of Earth Allies, who are the boots-on-the-ground spiritual warriors, working quietly and often secretly within the system, sometimes as double-agents, to enable NESARA, transform the system to be 5D compatible, and bring about real change.

From the Galactic Federation viewpoint the Ascension process is worked as a karma-positive, co-operative and co-creative effort. Not a hand-out, nor a rescue mission, but a mid-wifing exercise for the birth of 5D reality. All work must be initiated by earth-born people on the ground, and the GF and various Celestials have indicated that are pleased with the progress being made by Lightworkers and Earth Allies.

Of greatest concern to Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters is the relatively few people waking up and consciously empowering their own Ascension process, adding to the light. They have been surprised by the disinclination of so many mainstream people to question their failing unreality and wake up.

For this reason, many Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children are being born. They add light from their moment of birth and have already lifted the quota of light to beyond 50%, enabling the shift to occur, in a similar way to that of birthing advanced Lemurians during WW2, who later became flower children and early Lightworkers. Spiritually, a Lightworker is many times more powerful than any negative being.

The greatest way that Lightworkers add to the Light is to clearly see through the 3D matrix for the illusion that it is, which acts to dissolve it. This was true of the Flower Children as early Lightworkers, who could also envision a peaceful, bountiful, harmonious, sustainable planet, and developed understandings, methods and tools to begin. This enabled many others to also see through the illusions and then search for deeper understandings of better ways of living. They then proceeded to live this higher level reality in self-sufficient communes, creating future timelines and demonstrating its possibility for all. Lightworkers today must do likewise, and bring their transformative energy to the world. Ultimately, the Illusionati are being defeated through the energy and activity of Lightworkers of all ages, as they add to the total spiritual Light on the planet. They will be finally defeated when the deluded mainstream masses wake up and understand who and what has created all of the wars and destruction, and compromised their lives. This has begun with the occupy movement.

For the last decade and a half Lightworkers have been laying down new, harmonious and creative, 5D timelines towards creating the higher dimension, and displacing and replacing the existing illusionary, obsolete, disaster-seeking, mainstream, 3D-matrix timeline, which now only exists in peoples’ imagination, which is being constantly re-energised by TV, the media, etc.

Spiritual elites, those regarding themselves as spiritually superior, are not adding light. Superiority is a reaction to an underlying sense of inferiority that arises in reaction to feeling cut off from ones inner being, and then acting compensatory, out of the underlying insecurity and fear. Those obsessed with 2012, especially the negative, disaster scenarios, are likewise fear driven, and their energy helps to create the disaster they fear. 2012 will be the outcome of the collective human consciousness at the time, and will be experienced differently by those ascending from those not ascending.

Only present-centred, self-aware and self-accepting persons, committed to the upliftment of all and working for the greater good can add to the light.

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