A race of hunter gatherers, Their weapons were made for

hunting creatures in the wild, and not designed for war

Living not for riches that others must acquire

to fill a sense of emptiness which keeps them feeling dire

Living for a purpose beyond materialism

Too subtle for invaders driven by capitalism

White Australia has black history and its even worse than it sounds

land was acquired by driving them from traditional hunting grounds

The convicts who settled here were brutalised  and hardened

many turned upon the natives just as soon as they were pardoned

The methods they used were appalling hunting them day and night

poisoning water holes shooting them on sight

Diseases whites were hardened to through lives of impunity

killed many of them because they had no immunity

Even when they got supplies after losing natural wealth

Tobacco, flour and sugar only wrecked their health

And so missionaries came to save them from their plight

and put them into missions to try to make things right

Nomadic living ceased for those who lived within a mission

Farmers and graziers took their land for their own selfish vision

Many of the children were snatched from their mothers’ breast

and taken away to orphanages, As if that was best

Taking away the land they loved Leaving them no tomorrows

Supplying them with alcohol so they could drown their sorrows

Wiping out their history in the name of assimilation

destroying all they cared about, creating degradation

When will all people understand there’s more worth living for?

if we only practiced what we preached no-one would be poor

They might not speak about it but many Aborigines know

the details of the massacres all those years ago

Many Aborigines have only seen the worst

of the white man’s culture To them we must seem cursed

Where to now Australia? Can we end the fight

and get away from racism and finally get it right?

And we must allow them to live without abuse

and not force upon them ‘solutions’ of no use

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