A Little Help

A Little Help

Nature spirits will lend a hand

to all who use natures ways,

even if you don’t believe they exist

they know you do, so it pays

Even the elementals

who are supposed to affect the weather

are responsive to our vibrations,

so we’ve got to keep it together

Then there are our spiritual guides

who shower us with affection

help us in our times of need

and give us our direction

Above them the higher beings

whose work is to oversee

and inspire the evolution

of all humanity

The law of spiritual guidance

is that to ourselves is drawn

whatever is on our wavelength

In truth we are nobody’s pawn

But we must lift our vibration

in order to pick up the best

of guidance that is offered us

and eschew all the rest

We do this indirectly

by treating one another

as one human family

each other’s sister and brother

The present moment is perfect

the best time of all to face

any negative energy

invading our personal space

So be sensitive to invisible help

for help is always around

tune in to the delicate beings

the results will really astound

Some people call it karma

or synchronicity

Its a larger truth deserving of

greater felicity

Another aspect of this matter

is worthy of a mention

humanity is heading for

spiritual ascension

In order to accomplish this

we all must get involved

in creating real solutions to

the problems to be solved

At the heart of all that is

and beyond our greatest dreams

Cosmic Love upholds us

There’s more to life than it seems

Ultimate Reality

Intelligence Supernal

Universal Wisdom

Unfettered Love Eternal

Is beckoning to each of us

to put aside all strife

and prepare ourselves in order to

embrace a higher life

Where human consciousness is raised

to ever higher levels

where conflicts are transcended

and joyful wisdom revels

Everyone is offered this

irrespective of their station

But only those attuned receive

spiritual elevation

In order to embrace the life

of transcendental joy

each must live their highest truth

and give up acting coy

to be continued…


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