Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Rising

The beginning of each age

is a very auspicious time

when understandings are revealed

in teachings more sublime

Now we enter another Age –

that of Aquarius

A time for the ending of

all that is nefarious

Every age is built upon

that which went before

and all who work against the truth

won’t get off ground floor

Those who have already

striven to make progress

now will get the chance

to embrace a higher process

During this transition

all who lose the plot

cannot access higher realms

and stay where truth is not

Solutions to most problems

are already known

but until they admit defeat

authorities won’t be shown

So problems will increase until

those not beyond reproach

will get out or else change their ways

and take a fresh approach

But overwhelming problems

do not mean defeat

it means the opportunity

for superhuman feat

All those who seek reality

and to get evolved

can get more real by embracing

the problems to be solved

And no matter what is done

to take us from our Dharma

the Universe can deal with that

by speeing up our karma

Loving just our neighbour

will no longer be enough

for those who reach no further

the battle will be tough

Usual practices afford

inadequate compensation

for the Aquarian age has brought with it

a whole new dispensation

Planetary consciousness

is what must manifest

in the hearts and minds of all

submitting to the test

Look at the state of the planet

beneath contemporary fashion

there’s reason to be overwhelmed

by feelings of compassion

Compassion is the royal road

for all those seeking grace

Those without condemn themselves

to a different space

The state of the planet’s ecology

and the suffering of the poor

invites our consciousness beyond

our own nation’s shore

To cover the whole planet

with truth and love and hope

and in this way the caring

help those who suffer cope

For love and truth are solvents

of the pernicious spell

under which the callous treat

this planet as a hell

And those who send compassion

to all those in distress

will grow, and be uplifted

while the callous retrogress

Back to a state of consciousness

befitting their existence

where lessons will begin again

and learned through sheer persistence

These are times oft spoke of –

The parting of the ways

where virtue is its own reward

and honesty finally pays

The humble and down trodden

who helped us find good reason

to feel compassion, they will find

it is also their season

For in their patient suffering

which cleansed them through and through

God’s Light and Love could penetrate

and remake them anew

These beautiful noble beings

manifesting Grace

Have shown us that cruelty

never should take place

And when it is excessive

and overwhelms the Earth

their sacrificial love can give

the chance for a new birth

We all should be humbled

for what we have been given

atonement for our errors

and for our sins, forgiven

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