A universe of swirling light

beyond all comprehension

More than a billion galaxies

in heavenly suspension

Each galaxy is gigantic

impossible to measure

At least a hundred billion stars

each one a cosmic treasure

Our galaxy, the milky way

comprise some hundred billion

still small compared to others

some may contain a trillion

Every star is far apart

light years from its nearest

yet we see a band of light

when the nights are clearest

Each star may be the centre of

a system quite complete

Planets all revolving round

a source of light and heat

Near the outer limits

of the milky way

revolving round a yellow dwarf

nine planets make their way

But only one is placed so that

it can support life forms

Radiation, light and heat

are kept within strict norms

It also must hold water

and have an atmosphere

and somehow DNA must form

so life may then appear

Myriad forms of life

begin to work together

to make a friendly ecosphere

and beneficial weather

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