Flora in the desert

is slow growing and fragile

A delicate eco-balance

with fauna soft and agile

Soft-footed native creatures

trim the vegetation

Using teeth like scissors

cause no degradation

Natural desert management

improved growth because

sensible pruning was performed

by native herbivores

Graziers brought cattle and sheep

their methods were unsound

native grasses were destroyed

by hooves compacting the ground

They took cattle to the interior

to eat what little was there

now the Australian heartland

has gotten awfully bare

Desert flora is fragile

And takes many decades to grow,

grazing cattle pull up the roots

and destroy it in one go

What isn’t uprooted by cattle

the sheep have nibbled away

beyond recuperation

and now the land must pay

It no longer supports much wildlife

some are becoming extinct

Flora and fauna need on each other

they’re inextricably linked

There’s no longer the vegetation

to deal with salt and dust

Instead of a living ecology

It’s becoming a desolate crust

The heartland’s now a salt pan

a giant festering sore

what took decades to destroy

may take centuries to restore

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