Economic Reform

Economic Reform

Materialism has run its course

we are now in its final days

Its time to create a new system

conducive to nature’s ways

We need a stable system

without the boom and bust

or the exploitation

where all things done are just

We need to change our accounting base

to charge for external costs

then industries will come around

as they grapple with huge imposts

An energy tax on carbon

a charge for cutting down trees

a charge on everything that is mined

resources are not freebies

If we want to improve our lives

and increase planetary wealth

then use the proper measures

like valuing people’s health

Instead of valuing negatives

as good for GDP

like cancer and traffic accidents

and the junk we get on TV

We need to value intrinsic worth

and appreciate quality

in our measure of what we want from life

instead of quantity

Economics needs much fine tuning

but we needn’t go berserk

Reward what needs to happen

and not what doesn’t work

We could cure a lot of ills

if we lived within our means

and lived in ways that didn’t pollute

it may not be hard as it seems

We can each return to the simple life

that we talked of long ago

and deal with problems as they arise

and work with nature’s flow

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