The fundamental tenet

on which economics rests

is market forces driven by

selfish interests

Market forces help to make

consumer products cheap

but side effects are also costs

that we all must reap

The market does not satisfy

the deepest human need

Reconnecting with our soul,

lost to us through greed

Nor has it helped to make the world

a saner, safer place

instead it makes new problems

that we are yet to face

We tried to run economics

independent of planetary needs

Steered by the thirst of power

and motivated by greed

As far as ecology is concerned

market forces have been a disaster

and unless we restrain consumption

it will get worse even faster

Our ways have polluted the atmosphere

and created the greenhouse effect

In spite of that we still persist

as if we didn’t suspect

We put our faith in science

blindly, and too soon

Their findings always favoured

those who called the tune


have thinned the ozone layer

The sun that used to give us health

has now become our slayer

What are we handing our children?

environmental collapse

Ecological warnings are still ignored

long after the point of perhaps

How are we going to save the world,

when our efforts are causing disaster?

A larger dose of more of the same

makes problems arise even faster

We came here to be stewards

to treat the Earth as gracious

and partake of nature’s bounty

without being rapacious

We have already used our heritage

for fleeting prosperity

instead of preserving the best of it

for all posterity

We were meant to save the future

so when our children grew old

they could give their kids a better life

But the future is bought and sold

The planet is now in crisis

exploitation has made

intractable problems on every front

that won’t diminish or fade

It’s not hard to find the reason

we are heading for planetary ruin

We persist at what destroys the earth

knowing full well what we are doing

When nature is our friend

nature will treat us well

If we treat it as the enemy

we create our own living hell

We are proving the law of karma

that we reap whatever we sow

it will become a truism

that everyone will know

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