Apart from academic studies

for jobs that don’t exist

schools should also teach the kids

how they can subsist

Children need to know

never to be cowered

and through learning self-reliance

how to be empowered

Education should give one the power

to reason and think things through

to be original and creative

and constructive too

How to co-operate

how to be sincere

how to work together

how to share and care

How to be effective

how to be efficient

in all of these key areas

schools must become proficient

What all kids need to learn

are the basics to survive

nutrition, health and shelter

to help them stay alive

How to make a garden

grow food and cook proper meals

These are more important

than owning a set of wheels

Children should learn how

to live without polluting

to heal the environment

and personal computing

So they can form a network

that is concerned to share

solutions that arise to help

planetary repair

An excellent opportunity

to take the initiative

and learn what text books do not teach

a wholesome way to live

The basics of small business

to encourage self-employment

can be taught to those who prefer

to work for their own enjoyment

For those who want to get ahead

opportunities abound

if they are open to alternatives

and keep their ears to the ground

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