Human Nature

Human Nature

Nature is not the problem

with inherent beneficence

The problem is whether we treat it

with contempt or reverence

Nature is our ally

and not the enemy

And when we respect her ways

the planet will be free

We need to be caring and sharing

and finding ways to heal the earth

looking after ourselves at the cost of the whole

was never our nature at birth

Human nature is not bad

as we’ve been been led to believe

Greed is pathological

Nature deserves a reprieve

The jungle is not our nature

nor is original sin

These are notions that keep us

from finding the truth within

“The kingdom of heaven lies within”

I believe that’s what we were taught

Inside is where our potential lies

And where the real battle is fought

To access the higher part of ourselves

the obstacle to defeat

is what we create within us

every time we lie and cheat

Whatever we do to another

we do to ourself as well

Circumstances do not destroy us

we create our own private hell

The problem lies in our culture

the values we are taught to live

We grow up to look at what we can get

instead of what we can give

The reason we cannot see through

this ceaseless exploitation

lies in whether we’ve sold our souls

to improve our situation

Our soul is our highest values

Truths that our hearts hold dear

They come to us as a still, small voice

inner wisdom that’s crystal clear

If we compromise our integrity

we sever our soul connection

then no matter what we do

we have lost our inner direction

Integrity means inner oneness

at home with our real inner being

The source of our higher guidance

and deeper, truer seeing

Whenever we live our highest truth

inner harmony is the effect

But every time we sell ourselves short

we lose our self-respect

We also lose our fulfilment

not knowing our true inner needs

Substitute needs don’t serve us,

and neither do selfish deeds

The wonderful thing is that growing

takes place in adversity

we grow each time we reject

cultural perversity.

The present culture will always test

whether one can resist the enthrall

of greed and materialism

or else be part of the fall

The fall from conscious awareness

into the soup of illusion

From clarity and insight

to blind, collective confusion

We never will solve anything

by becoming more artificial

that only makes us more estranged

false and superficial

That we should do whatever it takes

to be at the cutting edge

of our highest and finest abilities

should be our solemn pledge

To be at our farthermost reaches

and pushing the envelope

is the way we really come alive

and with aliveness there is hope

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