A race of hunter gatherers

Their weapons were made for

hunting creatures in the wild

and not designed for war

Living not for riches

that others must acquire

to fill a sense of emptiness

which keeps them feeling dire

Living for a purpose

beyond materialism

Too subtle for invaders

racked by an inner schism

White Australia has black history

and its even worse than it sounds

land was acquired by driving them from

traditional hunting grounds

Criminal invaders were

brutal, cruel and hardened

turning on the natives

just as soon as they were pardoned

The methods they used were appalling

hunting them day and night

poisoning water holes

shooting them on sight

And when it was time to make the peace

a few became two-faced,

Supplying flour to cook with

some of which was arsenic-laced

Diseases we were hardened to

through lives of impunity

killed many of them because they had

no immunity

Next the missionaries came

to teach them what was right

They presumed every Koori was evil

not innocent like a white

They arranged for half-caste children

to be snatched from their mothers’ breast

and taken away to orphanages

At the Governor’s behest

The rest of the Kooris were removed

by confining them to missions

Then loggers, farmers and graziers

practiced their selfish visions

Even when we gave supplies

in return for wealth

Tobacco, tea and sugar

only wrecked their health

Wiping out their history

to aid assimilation

destroying things they did so well

causing degradation

We took away the land they loved

and left them no tomorrows

Then we gave them alcohol

so they could drown their sorrows

How can White people understand

there’s more worth living for

if we practiced what we preached

no-one would be poor

They might not speak about it

but many Kooris know

the details of the massacres

all those years ago

Many Kooris only know

the absolutely worst

of the white man’s culture

To them we must seem cursed

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