Mabo and Wik

Mabo and Wik

A leaf was turned with Mabo

For some a brand new day

because the High Court listened when

Murray Islanders had their say

It found that those remaining

on land from times of old

may claim Native Title if

that land had not been sold

Wik confirmed that where

both parties had a claim

co-existence could occur

and leases would remain

And in cases where

a conflict did exist

preference was given

for leases to persist

This ensured leaseholders

had no cause for resentment

and peaceful co-existence

would guarantee contentment

A solution too considerate

for the rich and greedy

who want the land for themselves

and nothing for the needy

Pushed by those leaseholders

whose greed has made them bold

and now demand to upgrade

their leases to freehold

The forces of regression

are on a different track

creating policy to put

race relationships right back

A ten point plan to take us

down a different road

and guarantee extinguishment

by the bucket load

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