Piscean History

Piscean History

In Taurus they worshipped the Golden Calf

Until Moses arrived on the scene

to give an advanced teaching

and explain just what it would mean

He taught about the one true God

for the Age of Aries the Ram

and instead of killing each other

they could sacrifice a lamb

Exemplars were the shepherds

whose flocks were never neglected

and neighbours were to be treated

with decency and respected

God became the highest truth

with nothing to come between

Each person and the Creator

lest they suffer chagrin

After this age had run its course

Jesus was born in a manger

As could be expected of one so high

His life was always in danger

He disappeared for eighteen years

while His spiritual power increased

Some say Essenes prepared Him

Others, that He went to the East

At the age of around thirty

Jesus reappeared

And taught about a God who should be

loved instead of feared

Receiving initiation

when he was baptised

enabled his highest potentials

to become actualised

Mysteries were revealed to him

during initiation

thus his teachings always carried

hope and exultation

During immersion when he was

in spiritual alignment

The Christ overshadowed Him

to fulfill a prior assignment

This spiritual duo became as one

from this sacred hour

and Spirit touched the earth plane with

unprecedented power

Examplars became fishermen

as fish replaced the lamb

and the water sign of Pisces

replaced the fiery Ram

He gave out a new teaching

to set all people free

And so the ten commandments

were replaced by three

The first was to love God

with all our heart and mind

and with all the inner strength

we are able to find

Then to love our neighbour –

Whoever is next to us –

as completely as we love ourselves

without any fuss

And those who sought the highest

their love for each other

must be so much that they would lay

their life down for another

And so it was the teachings

the best the Jews had known

were lifted to a higher plane

and deeper truths were shown

Before this by five hundred years

Lord Buddha in the East

taught nirvana could be had

when all desire had ceased

The Buddha taught that suffering

is created by desire,

which mamanifests in people as

illusion, greed and ire

The solution to this problem

is mindfulness throughout

every moment of one’s life

not certainty or doubt

Jesus taught of spiritual love

The Buddha, spiritual light

complimentary teachings to

embrace the spiritual fight

The fight for higher consciousness

from grossness to sublime

impeccable reality

beyond space and time

And so for two millenia

our planet could embrace

teachings that would take us

to a higher space

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