Planetary Healing

Planetary Healing

There is a higher purpose to living

than accumulating wealth

There’s the wellbeing of the planet

as well as everyone’s health

The planet is here for a purpose

the evolution of all life

the upliftment of all beings

instead of trouble and strife

The reason people incarnate

to this school of hard knocks

is to work in the face of adversity

and undergo `conscious shocks’

To burst them from complacency

into states heightened awareness

where reality comes bursting through

in unembellished bareness

A saving grace for all those who

forget why they were born

and fit into the status quo

as from their path they are torn

There is also our involvement

in conscious evolution

We came here to put on spiritual growth

and partake in the resolution

A resolution quite different

than anything seen before

enlightening human consciousness

A new paradigm is in store

Soon it will be common knowledge

that the reason for our birth

is to create a planetary culture

that gives every person their worth

A culture to facilitate

awakening the masses

from a system that has held them down

and treated them like asses

And give them back their power

so that they can play their part

in creating a better world

through following their heart

Solutions to most problems

are already known

but until they admit they do not know

authorities won’t be shown

So problems will increase until

those not beyond reproach

will get out or else change their ways

and take a fresh approach

But overwhelming problems

do not mean defeat

it means the opportunity

for superhuman feat

All those who seek reality

and to get evolved

can get more real by embracing

the problems to be solved

The greatest test for each of us

who want the planet healed

is to forgive all those who are

making their fate sealed

We need to do just what it takes

to help them comprehend

that harming another, harms themselves

and gives them more to mend

Helping another to turn around

and live for a greater cause

is how we start to create peace

and put an end to wars

There’s a new ball game to living

community is the foundation

bioregions is how it divides

not language, race or nation

Everyone can play a part

Planetary harmony is the prize

Each of us can contribute

where ever our talent lies

So we can’t sit around only talking

even though that might be fun

because if we don’t do something

then nothing will ever get done

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