Communist countries have already crashed

but capitalist ones can’t gloat

Most of them are so debt ridden

they are also in the same boat

Capitalism will nose-dive

unless it is going full speed

so ecological warnings

are never paid any heed

To exploit is to grab for yourself

and reject taking care of the whole

A better world for all to live

should be the primary goal

We exploited and we squandered

until we burst the bubble

The recession may have saved us

from what could have been worse trouble

Like lemmings running to the cliff

we slowed to a walk before

we charged right over the edge

There’s much we can still restore

We will never be able to trade our way out

while interest bills increase

debts are still getting larger

and that’s not about to cease

Why these economies can’t get up

is not difficult to guess

Instead of increasing consumption

people are now living on less

If we increase production

pollution will also rise

so we’re boxed in until we can find

were the solution lies

The recession that we had to have

slowed the degradation

a blessing in disguise because

it may have saved the nation

There’s a lot of big changes arising

like this planet has never seen

because corporations will go to the brink

before they choose to be green

The system is not so hard to change

if we have clear seeing

the secret to attaining this

is be true to our inner being

We were taught there is none so blind

as those who will not see

some have practised this until

they have no clarity

The price that each of us must pay

is that we become the game

we play on ourselves and others

and we have only ourselves to blame

This becomes especially true

of those in authority –

responsible unto others

is what they need to be

And so it is our leaders

are now ineffective –

cut off from higher vision

their reasoning defective

When people lose their purpose

as well as their spiritual health

they feel the need to compensate

by seeking power or wealth

That is why the planet

suffers so much pain

because those who seek to pull the strings

are often the planet’s bane

Problems will increase until

the ambitious give up trying

to force the world into their mould

and cover mistakes by lying

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