Until Australia compensates

for that which has been taken

from our native people

the past will not be shaken

We must swallow the bitter pill

and get over feeling slighted

whenever someone points out a past

that never has been righted

For until we truly face

the crimes perpetrated

upon our native people

our future will be fated

We might engage denial

or say it’s in the past

but it stays in the national psyche

to which we are stuck fast

We must create a treaty

to give them their true rights

and stop the degradation

of genuine sacred sites

For Australia to be a great nation

the best way to begin

is clean the slate and be free

of any sense of sin

Now because of Mabo

it may happen anyway

because the high court listened when

Murray Islanders had their say

Each of us can help without

indulging in pity

by extending to them equal rights

with love and dignity

And we must allow them

to live the way they choose

and not force upon them

solutions they can’t use

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