What our children are taught at school

is rote learn and regurgitate

instead of educating

schools indoctrinate

Instead of that children learn

to survive you must compete

they learn it in the classroom

to do it in the street

Competing only makes

people act the same

Not a path to excellence

Just a stupid game

Schools teach materialism

which inverts the natural law

prizing inanimate objects

finding living things a bore

We must learn to use things and love people

instead of the reverse

loving things and using people

is foolish and perverse

You never learn at school

to set up for yourself

You were taught to work for someone else

or be left upon the shelf

Many the system can’t employ

are forced onto the street

they can’t afford a place to stay

or decent food to eat

Far better things can be done

than resort to taking drugs

out of boredom or frustration

or turning into thugs

Youth can be the front line

to change the situation

but only if they go beyond

the usual education

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