The Third World

The Third World

Dry and dusty deserts

or a rainforest canopy

People in conditions that

might not suit you or me

Their lands have now become marginal

not due to their tradition

because western civilization

imposed a selfish ambition

We insisted we had the answers

and convinced them they did not

We showed them how to do it

now look what they have got

The green revolution failed

to ease the third world plight

Instead it left them bankrupted

They did what we said was right

The petro-chemical companies

have a lot to answer for

Their `solutions’ made new problems

and billions of people poor

What luck for the corporations

Just look what they had found

A place for poisons we have banned

A toxic dumping ground

Not only did it clear the shelves

of their illegal stock

They increased profits as they put

the third world into hock

Did it work out as intended?

Was it ever meant to succeed?

Were we trying to help or to render them

the victim of first world greed

Millions of people are starving

Aid organizations can’t cope

The first world hybrid solutions

have put the third world beyond hope

During the seventies, OPEC

and the oil campanies

conspired to raise the price of oil

way beyond the freeze

So these oil-rich nations

flooded western banks

with money, which was then lent out

for dams and planes and tanks

Much went to the third world

but only to those who

supported capitalist policy

the rest they would eschew

Generally it propped up

tin pot dictatorships

who used it unrealistically

for their ego trips

Like massive dams and armaments

all state of the art

instead of what was needed

– to give the poor a start

Then the US pushed up interest rates

to increase local lending

to US money houses

to finance credit spending

As usury became the norm

debt servicing increased

bankrupting third world countries

while banks enjoyed a feast

And when those third world countries

with currency inflated

were made to repay dollars

debt exacerbated

Those who could not pay were threatened

with a trade blockade

increasing mass starvation

instead of giving aid

Poverty in these countries

is beyond belief

Hundreds of millions starving

and no sign of relief

This unfair rearrangement

which was done by stealth

forced them into poverty

and made them export wealth

Thus not only arid lands

received the West’s attention

Tropical rainforests

are worthy of a mention

Multi-national companies

are clearing all the trees

for woodchips or for cattle

Bush dwellers are refugees

Until we’ve conquered AIDS

we should not be so sure

that a species in the forest

can’t supply the cure

Quinine for malaria

came from the chincona tree

and rainforests have the largest

species diversity

Many we don’t yet know of

and yet we let them burn

Destroying potential medicines

is a cause for grave concern

What is going to happen

when forests are no more?

Carbon dioxide will increase

without a carbon store

Forests are the lungs of the Earth

replenishing the air

the more of them that are destroyed

the more we have to fear

And so it is rainforests

are now becoming flattened

just to pay the interest

as western banks get fattened

A smarter move might have been

to help their economies grow

then we would have a clientelle

where our goods could go

That makes economic sense

and still we could be greedy

without the need for charity

to save some of the needy

Grinding them into the dirt

doesn’t quite seen rational

We now export poverty

and we’ve made it international

The problems we created

and cannot defeat

should discourage us from making more

by turning up the heat

World wide figures indicate

something quite absurd

Those who live a decent life

number but one third

This includes the first world

and so I would conclude

international capitalism

thinks it’s being shrewd

One third in and two thirds out

That’s real disenfranchisement

caused by selfish interests

and ego-aggrandisement

Now the problems we have caused

are starting to rebound

by pressing on our own countries

which shows we’ve been unsound

Third world countries now export

drugs and refugees

a predictable outcome if

they are brought to their knees

Refugees are searching for

the land of milk and honey

while trading in illicit drugs

helps to bring them money

We have caused these nations poverty

destitution and disorder

What a way to introduce them

to the New World Order

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