Sun shines upon the turning Earth

creating day and night

nighttime is both cool and dark

the days are warm and light

The spinning Earth drags air along

because of surface friction

but other factors also help

affect the wind’s direction

Warm air will hold more moisture,

expand and also rise

cold air does the opposite

contracts and sinks and dries

As sun heats tropic regions

it causes warm, moist air

to rise and travel to the poles

releasing moisture there

At night land cools more quickly

than oceans that surround

warm, moist air goes inland

cools and rains upon the ground

Air more saturated

than nature has allowed

releases water vapour

which condenses into cloud

Friction builds up static


when it strikes as lightning

water is set free

This miracle of nature

keeps the earth alive

without it nothing on the land

could multiply and thrive

Our Earth is very beautiful

A  planetary jewel

An emerald in the universe

That runs on solar fuel

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