If we want to heal the earth

Permaculture has the solution

Damaged land can be restored

and we can farm without pollution

Permaculture starts with an ethic

Above all, care for the land

We must never lose site of this maxim

This is where we make our stand

When we look after the earth

the earth will supply what we need

Then we can care for people

without destruction or greed

People who can live

without the greed assumption

can then set responsible

limits to consumption

And contribute surplus time

money and energy

towards the first two ethics

and setting the planet free

Lastly we should recognise

that every living thing

has intrinsic worth on its own

that life itself is king

Permaculture’s about designing

and this is what makes it new

Techniques are the building blocks,

Permaculture is the glue

The right techniques are important

but the magic is in the linking

Permaculture solutions

are based on lateral thinking

Patterns occur in nature

in several recurring themes

the secret lies in using them

in our designing schemes

Permaculture is rooted in nature

and makes use of natural forces

Designs are improved the more we use

biological resources

Monocultures leach the soil

so there’s always nutrients lacking

Far better use is made of land

if we resort to stacking

We do not have to be constrained

by what the weather dictates

We can grow a greater range of food

by creating microclimates

Containing run-off and soaking the ground

is achieved by creating swales

add mulch and seed and wait for the rain

A process that never fails

A banana circle in the back yard

with paw paws in between

A shower in the middle waters the plants

every time you get clean

A mandala garden is also ideal

as a place for vege’s to grow

a pond in the centre for water chestnuts

lots of food and nothing to hoe

Earth worms are what we need

to aerate the hardest of ground

they chew it up and cast it out

The best earth conditioner around

Weeds are nature’s pioneers

they nourish the soil and replace

nutrients lost through monocropping

and everything else that took place

Acacias or wattles are good for this too

as well as a nitrogen fix

Coppice the branches and spread them around

They soon break down in the mix

Instead of buying a rotary hoe

get chooks or even a pig

shift them around in a mobile cage

and do it all by no dig

We can even take care of human waste

in a methane digestor for fuel

go for a bog and add to the source

of energy based on renewal

Mulch is very important

as a way to build up the soil,

it also retains moisture

and saves on weeding toil

No-work work saves labour

as nature does the hard part

digging can be eliminated

this way is called `working smart’

Results are not gained by force

but by nature’s natural ease

A lot of problems will solve themselves

if we resort to growing trees

In addition to perennial crops

trees have other uses

like cattle fodder and correcting

environmental abuses

When a tree draws water

the water table drops

causing surface salt to sink

thus saving land and crops

Tree roots go a long way down

to bring water from below

and release it near the surface

which gives other plants a go

Trees even can collect the dew

and let it drip below

to wet the ground at the tree line

Thus other plants can grow

Trees help prevent erosion

as rain that does throughfall

is broken up and slowed right down

so impact is just small

We can use trees for feeding cattle

and providing them with shade

We can plant them in a gulley

and make a pleasant glade

Trees can save our rivers

if we plant a riperian zone

to stabilise the river banks

where washing out is prone

They can also halt the run-off

of topsoil and manures

and chemicals and toxins

that turn our creeks to sewers

Trees moderate the temperature

They cool a summer breeze

in winter when the weather’s cold

it’s warmer nearer trees

We can use trees for a windbreak

and soil nitrogenation

The limits to their uses lie

in our imagination

Trees condition water

soil and also air

They also are self-managing

Ideal for earth repair

Any land can be improved

with a Permaculture design

arrived at after protracted thought

The result will turn out just fine

The whole earth needs Permaculture

with answers we all need

It can feed the world and doesn’t require

a system based upon greed

Permaculture returns power to people

which is where power really should be

It’s not about mega solutions

but solutions for you and for me

So if you want to rescue the planet

And isn’t that why we were born?

We can make a start in our own back yard

and make a garden out of the lawn

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