Sun shines upon the spinning Earth creating day and night

nighttime is both cool and dark the days are warm and light

Our planet must hold water and have an atmosphere

and somehow DNA must form so life may then appear

Transpiring Forests seed the clouds so droplets will condense

this helps increase the fall of rain,  thus forest growth is dense

Trees intercept the fall of rain Their leaves direct the flows

of runoff onto stem and branch then down the trunk it goes

Into a net of matted roots where biomass is held

Absorbed into this forest sponge the flow substantially quelled

This forest lake is slow-released so rivers run all year

While nutrients are filtered out and creeks stay crystal clear

Ants and worms and beetles are ceaseless in their toil

making holes in the forest floor helps aerate the soil

And then those little creatures have further useful roles

They enrich the soil by dragging leaves into their holes

Bacteria then take over The leaves become compost

to feed the roots of forest plants no waste and nothing lost

Biomass is made from leaves that have composted

Dropped from above for roots below forest growth is fostered

Roots release solutions that stimulates production

of nutrients which the tree takes in by induction

When leaves are shone on by the sun as air is taken in

carbon dioxide splits apart to carbon and oxygen

Trees ingests the carbon and turn it into wood

Taking out the CO2 does the planet good

The oxygen is given back replenishing the air

so animals can stay alive and breathe without a care

All animal life needs oxygen including you and me

the carbon dioxide we exhale recycles to the tree

Myriad forms of life conspire to act together

to make a friendly ecosphere and beneficial weather

This miracle of nature keeps the earth alive

without it nothing on the land could multiply and thrive

Nature is not the problem with inherent beneficence

The problem is whether we treat it with contempt or reverence

Nature is our ally and not the enemy

And when we all respect her ways our planet will be free

Earth is very beautiful A planetary jewel

An emerald in the universe That runs on solar fuel

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