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Group Ascension

  How Flower Children Changed the World Posted on January 17, 2012 Introduction  During the 1960s, assisted by some very good rock-n-roll, general social interaction mellowed considerably, and became more open and trusting. It seemed that people and society were both … Continue reading

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Basic Life Principles

Consciousness All exists as consciousness, and every living thing has its own consciousness. We might say colloquially that we are conscious, our souls are super-conscious and God is cosmic consciousness. Creator God Creator God of this universe exists as the … Continue reading

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Sinking into The Matrix

Growth, evolution and ascension are all about stepping into a greater and more marvellous unknown, with awareness and acceptance, so that an experiential understanding arises, and it is no longer unknown, but part of our greater consciousness, and what was … Continue reading

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Ascending out of the Matrix

Returning to the Path of Ascension The Earth was created for some very specific purposes, which includes evolving souls at an accelerated rate, through offering variety and choice to beings of many differing level of conscious evolution, within a slow, … Continue reading

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What is Ascension?

What is Ascension? The nature of all is consciousness. The universe consists of realms of consciousness, arranged in separated dimensions, from the densest, dullest and most restrictive, to the most sublime, elegant, harmonious and expansive. This continues right up to … Continue reading

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