Ascending out of the Matrix

Returning to the Path of Ascension

The Earth was created for some very specific purposes, which includes evolving souls at an accelerated rate, through offering variety and choice to beings of many differing level of conscious evolution, within a slow, dense, fairly rigid plane. This enables people to learn in a difficult situation, but for many, the material world may seem to speak more loudly than the soul, and gentle inner knowing may give way to more blatant outer experiences. All solutions lie in the voice of higher understanding, and all must return to that gentle, inner knowing if they are to be part of the solution.

Karma in many ways is brought on by the unprocessed, negative emotions that cover the higher self and pervade and cloud the aura. Through the pain of error, a person gradually develops insight and compassion, and begins to see through not only personal errors, but also the constraining limits of their family, their workgroups, their society and their civilisation. This is the beginning of awakening that leads to enlightenment and ascension.


Ascension is about becoming a much more complete, sovereign and empowered person, functioning at ones true, enlightened level of consciousness, with understandings and abilities far beyond the aims and imaginings of mainstream society. So far beyond, that those who have already ascended to 4D find great difficulty in sharing these improved understandings with others, including even close friends, who may think they are no longer making sense, perhaps having a lend of themselves, or just talking crap.

Ascension is not an outcome of thinking, education, work, culture or civilisation, and never has been. These activities perpetuate the matrix by keeping people functioning within the same materialistic paradigm that has already created overwhelming and unsolvable global problems. Mainstream thinking is keeping people locked to its self-created problems, preventing our civilisation from rising above them, and addressing them from a higher perspective.

Ascension is about people living and being the true, higher selves that they were created to be, and already are, deep inside. As people reach beyond the present paradigm towards high level solutions, they are reaching towards their own ascension, and this assists them and others to ascend. As people bring their insights, understanding and wisdom to upgrade the level of thinking, education, working and culture, it assists their civilisation to function and exist on a higher level.

Ascension is always a free-will, conscious choice, but most people in developed civilisations have not been aware of the possibility. Ascending now, in the face of a materialistic, mainstream culture that is steering people in a different direction, means it still must be a definite, conscious, intentional, committed and sustained opt-in. The planet is ascending with much of its biology. The humans are invited along.

Ascending out of the Illusionary Matrix

Anyone able to step outside the matrix, is released back into their inner being and higher self, and immediately experiences a nurturing, uplifting, harmonious reality, even as others around them, whose consciousness is still inside the matrix, relate to an illusionary reality as if it were disharmonious in nature and inherently conflicted. In their mis-perception, they are actuality imposing those negative qualities onto an otherwise harmonious reality. This realm of illusionary consciousness knows about only a so-called negative human nature that creates problems, which it regards as inevitable, and now unsolvable.

Until the 1960s, only the sages, saints and mystics, some statespersons, a few genius scientists, artists and poets etc, have been able to function out of their own higher, or ascended consciousness. Many of these people had embraced enormous challenges, and engaged them pro-actively, which produced positive changes in their own consciousness, enabling them to enter into a reality of inner peace, joy and psychological freedom.

Once functioning from ascended consciousness, these people have found it relatively easy to break important new ground in their own respective fields of endeavour, and make known new understandings, so necessary for the advancement and upliftment of humanity. This is how true, evolutional progress has always occurred – people enter higher realms of consciousness and bring aspects of a higher paradigm into manifestation.

Group Ascension

Since the 1960s, and the advent of Group Energies, ascension no longer needs to be the heroic odyssey of the rare and exceptional individual, although that is still available. Group Energies are an order of magnitude above the Ray energies, and can only be picked up from group souls, formed when people form coherent groups, acting responsibly and creatively for a higher purpose.

The first obvious example of group ascension was the Beatles, a group remarkably free of sarcasm, cynicism, bitterness or negativity.  Beginning in the early 1960s, their early songs were unabashedly optimistic, about open-hearted love, and their wit and humour won over a sceptical America.  They became unprecedently popular among an emerging teenage generation, and later pointed the way to higher states of consciousness through psychedelics, Eastern teachings and meditation.

This helped to pave the way for many rock-n-rollers, who may have otherwise remained oblivious, to open themselves to the possibility of experiencing higher states of consciousness, and facilitated many to make the transition to becoming flower children.

Flower Children emerged in 1967 to lay down templates for the future. They were assisted somewhat by responsible and judicious use of psychedelics that they were able to use safely. They appeared with an inner knowledge of advanced understandings about healthy, people-friendly, low-cost, pollution-free, subsistent, sustainable living. They warned of impending global problems if humanity did not lift its game, and spoke prophetically about a coming Aquarian age of planetary peace and love. They created communes and lived cooperatively, free from racism, sexism, religious conflict, and brought their children up un-traumatised, all without prior training.

All of this enabled a wave of Eastern Teachers and practices to enter the west during the 1970s, following the advent of flower children. They brought new understandings of higher human anatomy via auras, chakras, kundalini, etc, and safe meditation practices for their development and utilisation, necessary for future ascension, but not previously widely known in the west.

The Flower Children ascended during a time when the matrix was not so much in their faces. Politics, the commercial world and TV were background activities. Today, in order to prevent a repeat outbreak of mass ascension, they are in peoples’ faces, in peoples’ homes, and in peoples’ consciousness. Today, people must ascend out of a civilisation and culture deliberately designed to intrude upon, dumb-down and dis-empower the masses, especially young people.

This added grist has been very destructive of the nicer parts of society in order to make ascension more difficult, and has led many people away from their path. However all those able to maintain their values and direction in the face of such added difficulties, are undergoing unprecedented, accelerated growth, the merits of which add to their own evolution, and to planetary light, which powers the Planetary Ascension process.

The actual veils between the 3rd and 4th dimensions have thinned considerably, and this is why they have beefed up the matrix veil. Today, the matrix only exists in the minds of those who subscribe to it. It may be tuned out of at any time. Turning off the TV is a good start. There is something else to tune into that occupies far greater space than the matrix, and is healthy, wholesome, safe, nurturing, compassionate, wise and intelligent. It is our original nature, our present nature behind the matrix veil, our future realisation, and the nature of reality that surrounds us. It is becoming more intense and powerful.

Planetary Ascension

Today, we are in a process of Planetary Ascension, as prophesised by the Flower Children when they spoke of planetary peace and love. The Planet itself is ascending and its biology is transforming to go with it. Many of the animals and plants will be ascending, some will not and will be returning from whence they came.

Today, ascension involves all of humanity, and all people are now being given the opportunity to ascend together, by forming coherent groups, with participants nurturing and supporting one another. This is a far more easeful, graceful and ecstatic manner to ascend than has before been possible, and was demonstrated successfully by the flower-children in the late 1960s.

All people are being given the opportunity to group-ascend, and this is the underlying reason that people have chosen to be born here at this particular time – so that they can be part of this unique, uplifting, culminating planetary event.

Today, upgrades to a number of key factors have improved the situation:

  • We are no longer in the Piscean age, as the devotional/authoritarian Piscean energies have been withdrawn, and enlightening/empowering Aquarian energies now play upon the planet and its inhabitants.
  • To facilitate ascension, higher-order Group Ray energies were introduced during the 1960s. These group-energies work with emerging higher-level group-souls, as could be witnessed during the 1960s.
  • The Planet itself is ascending from what has been the 3rddimension, through the 4th dimension and will continue onwards, without pausing, towards the 5th dimension, in an unbroken, continuous movement, probably over several decades. Much of the biology will ascend with her. Gaia is close to entering the 4th dimension, which may perhaps be timed for 21-12-2012.
  • Until now, it was only the exceptional, heroic individual who, after lifetimes of meritorious work, had the capacity to break out of the matrix and ascend. Now, because all beings are made up of Gaia’s elements, which are also ascending, all beings are able to be offered the opportunity to ascend biologically and consciously, as a group process, and many are fully engaged in this work.
  • Those who are ascending will not be passing over, but will stay in their body as it transmutes. This is a new process, and will initiate sweeping changes throughout the universe.

These and other improvements have radically altered the ascension process, to enable far more people to ascend, and in an easier way than had been before.

Ascension is a natural process, fully compatible with nature. If we can understand how things naturally are, and how natural processes naturally work, before they are intruded upon and interfered with, we can far better appreciate how they relate to ascension, so that we can best co-operate with the ascension process.

Ascension Processes

Ascension is about returning the human system to functioning as it was optimally designed to. This comes about through:

  • Releasing all buried negativity, which undermines normal consciousness;
  • Enabling the right-brain feeling self to function sensitively, as it was designed to;
  • Releasing the left-brain thinking self from its compulsive, circular, 3D matrix thinking;
  • Returning the left-brain to its rightful natural functions of awareness and contemplation.

Those now ascending are leaving behind the law of karma, which is only being held in the mind and memory of the individual, and can now be dropped as of the illusionary matrix. This is being replaced by the law of attraction where we are drawing to ourselves right now, whatever our present activities on all levels are attracting. The law of attraction is much faster and is one aspect of how life works in the higher realms. It enables great possibilities, but requires great responsibility.

Ascension Practices

Living in a physical body on the Earth plane can make access to ones higher consciousness quite difficult, given the internal and external distractions that many can find interfering, even overwhelming. For this reason, spiritual practices have always lain at the heart of all cultures that acknowledge greater life processes beyond the conscious mind.

Today, elaborate rituals are not needed. Anybody with a basic understanding of spiritual principles can open their hearts to God, as the Highest Goodness at any time, and at all times, knowing that this is the safest, most secure, most healing, nurturing, and uplifting thing they can do. Everybody can invite God, as the highest goodness into their lives, to forgive and heal all that they have denied, rejected and buried in their subconscious, and all about themselves that they feel embarrassed, ashamed and guilty about.

Another requirement is to form real friendships within coherent groups. Friendships offer the possibility of releasing negativity without the drama, by maintaining the friendship connection intact, even as negativity is gently and often silently released, instead of being dumped on someone, in a dramatic, angry or vicious manner, which helps no one. Coherent groups, because they are formed for a higher purpose, act responsibly and are concerned about greater matters beyond that which mainstream concerns itself with. Consequently, they are able to draw upon higher-level group energies that were first brought in during the 1960s, for the purpose of intensifying and accelerating the ascension process. 

Nature is biologically ascending. Becoming receptive to and living in harmony with nature will assure the human biological body is refined and sensitised automatically, without dramas, and will ascend as nature does. But for humans to continue ascending, they must also subject their mental and emotional bodies to the ascension process. The mental body must move beyond sequential thinking and return to becoming aware and self-aware; the emotional body must be purified of all negativity, which must be released, and then reorientated towards healing, feeling and sensitivity. Unhelpful memories must let go of, to allow the present moment to be fully experienced and appreciated, etc.

Other practices involve drawing upon and sending higher level energies to where they are most needed for the healing of people and planet following natural disasters and wars.

Ascension Culture

We are the people who are forming an ascension culture: a culture to reorientate people away from being controlled by out-of-touch outside authorities, and towards the wisdom of the soul; societies will move away from being competitive, and towards being co-operative; the economics of scarcity will be replaced by the economics of abundance; health will become preventative; medicines will become natural and vibratory; food will become natural and vegetarian; work will be purposeful, uplifting and rejuvenating; children will be brought up un-traumatised; people will become balanced, centred, right and left brain integrated.

Much of the forthcoming ascension culture has already been developed and tested. Intentional and Sustainable communities have been developed over decades.  Organics, Biodynamics and Permaculture, can produce health-promoting food. Natural and vibratory healing modalities have been developed over the last few decades. Inspiring, uplifting and invigorating work and management modals were developed during the 1960s, but were mothballed in the wake of massive re-engineering etc, disruptions in the 1980s. The flower children perfected raising un-traumatised children.


Heart, Mind and Soul        

The two great changes that each of us must undergo to be able to ascend is: 1) to open the mind; and 2) to open the Heart.

1)     Opening the mind is very much what Buddhism and meditation is about. Scepticism, which is a sign of a closed mind, is an erroneous defence against gullibility. Both lack awareness and discernment. The traditional way of opening the mind is through meditation, which involves abiding in awareness while witnessing the mind’s inclination to ramble on. 

Even more insidious is the mind’s inclination towards interpretation and judgement, causing misperceptions and an illusionary ‘reality’. The usual mind finds it very difficult to remain open at any time, and craves closure, out of insecurity, making an open mind difficult to achieve.

2)     Opening the Heart is very much what Christianity tries to achieve. Cynicism is a sign of a closed Heart, and is an erroneous defence against fear of emotional pain caused by disappointed hopes, dashed expectations, and other feelings of loss. The traditional way of opening the Heart is through prayer-as-celebration, appreciation, gratitude and love.

The usual Heart is closed because it is trying to avoid experiencing emotional pain. Once closed, emotional pain is shoved into the subconscious, creating an obstacle that cuts the consciousness off from inner truth. It then becomes terrified of the denied subconscious emotional pain, which may then generalise to all that is invisible and the unknown.

The primary issue is the Heart, and the secondary issue is the mind. The Heart is the locus of true consciousness, where we access our Soul, which is always in touch with reality. Only an open Heart is in touch with the Soul. When the Heart is open, the mind is more than happy to be at rest and abide in awareness, its natural state. The enlightened mind is both open and profoundly aware, not closed and not compulsively thinking from within the 3D matrix.

When the Heart is closed, the person cannot access their inner reality, and will resort instead to the mind, and all of its insecurities. Having no inner certainty or security, the mind seeks to close and settle on the external references and props of the 3D matrix, which produces an outcome that will console it, and is very resistant to opening up again and letting go.

All of this is best understood if we approach it from the top down. God is cosmic-consciousness and each Soul is grown around a ‘spark of divinity’ or ‘fragment’ of God, over eons of time, and is composed only of God-compatible qualities. The Soul is the true ‘I’, the source of love wisdom and compassion, and just as the Soul is God’s representative on a higher dimension, the person is the Soul’s representative on the physical plane, and is supposed to be open to the guidance of the soul. Because this has been so difficult, we are given guides to assist us when we request it.

The Soul grows around the God spark, and is always in communion with God. The job of the person is to always be open to the Soul, which has intelligence, wisdom, love and compassion in vast amounts compared to the mind. The Soul is our super-conscious self, is in constant communion with God, and is what we mean by the God within.

The locus of the Soul is the Heart, but the channel between the Soul and the Heart must be wide open, like a super highway, and not closed, or narrow like a goat track. All that we fear is held in our Heart. All that we deny is held in our Heart. All that we hate is held in our Heart. All that we reject is held in our Heart. All that we blame is held in our Heart.

All that we hold in our Heart is a barrier to the Soul, so we spend our lives feeling separated from our Soul, because we have already denied our Soul with whatever we hold in our Heart, and that blocks Soul access. When we have lost contact with our inner being, we yearn for love from outside, to feel love, to be loved, to be in love. Yet it is the inner love, or Soul radiance through an open heart that sustains us, fulfils us, and enables us to be truly giving, unconditional loving and a Light unto others.


 Healing Ourselves

Becoming Our Own Best Friend

Denials and Inner Rejection

All so-called psychological problems arise initially from reacting to the loss of experience of inner being, often through shock, trauma, pain, etc. which can overwhelm our sense of the more subtle and gentle inner being, or right-brain. People can recover from this by grieving, etc. On the other hand, any moves to push this pain out of conscious awareness, and to bury it in the subconscious, creates a functional barrier of negative emotions existing between the normal waking conscious self and the profound self-awareness of the inner being, leaving the person in an existential vacuum.

False Identities

The tendency then is to identify with the body, mind, etc, creating a self-image as a substitute, but false self. All self-imagery gives rise to self-judgement and the rejection of all that does not fit the image. Anything rejected becomes subconscious, creating an even greater barrier to accessing the true inner being, and gives rise to an underlying sense of the subconscious being negative, dark, evil, untrustworthy, etc. Having a negative self-image may cause people to act out in ways consistent with that image.

Often, a positive self-image is then built on top of an already-existing, underlying negative self-image, creating an extra layer of false identity that needs constant propping up and confirmation from others. This may result in behaviours, like becoming a sports star, which persists indefinitely in the need for acclaim. Such people have the greatest difficulty ascending.

Depression commonly results from a person’s inner-self being stifled, usually by being cloaked with a barrier of disowned negativity, below the threshold of conscious awareness. This can happen to the most well-armoured person when under unrelenting stress, or when the compensating distractions of power, glamour, celebrity, fame, affluence etc, have been shattered, leaving the positive self-image similarly destroyed, and the underlying unprocessed negative self-image exposed.

All that a person rejects about him- or her self, goes into the subconscious, which then becomes the repository of all that a person finds unacceptable, including guilts, shames, shocks, traumas, and denials. There they remain active, but unseen and out of the person’s awareness and control, where they undermine the conscious life. Reacting to negativity can inducing certain dysfunctional activities to take place and further overlaying and preventing ascension. These may include:

  • compensation: acting-out in ways directly opposite to how one feels;
  • projection: reading into others the very qualities that one denies in oneself;
  • anxiety: excessive fears, disproportionate to the situation;
  • compulsive behaviours: acting in unhelpful ways that one cannot prevent;
  • fears of inner experiences preventing a rich inner life;

Ascension is not a theory of outward behaviour, but an experience of inner being, and blossoms from the inside outwards. Self-actualising behaviour is a consequence of inner unfoldment. It is not achieved by will power or determination, nor by contriving an ascended personality, nor by faking or imitating qualities observable in ascended people. These create only a sham and superficial appearance without the accompanying inner, wisdom qualities. Constructing an outer presentation is self-defeating and invariably leaves the person feeling trapped, racked by inner turmoil, subconsciously undermined, and out of touch with reality.

Quality of Relationships

The facilitation of self-actualisation is primarily determined by the quality of the relationship that a person has with his or her own self, by the quality of the relationships one has with others, and by living by that inner, guiding relationship in the world. Our motives, or the actual reason why we are doing the things we do is of overriding importance to those who would facilitate their own ascension.


Perhaps the most important thing people can do is to regard and treat their inner being, or soul, as their very, very best friend, knowing that this is an eternal truth. Then become fully committed to living their own highest truth in each moment, what ever that might mean. Then enjoying the discovery of what that means as it opens doors in consciousness, and correspondingly in life, that until then had been closed. 


The right motivation is very important to becoming self-actualising, and is an issue of quality, not quantity. The actual motivation behind an action directly affects the psyche of the person committing the act, so nobody gets away with anything. This is why goodwill, honesty, trust etc, facilitate self-actualisation, but selfishness, greed, competition, exploitation, sleaze, etc, prevent it. Once a person engages in any of these corrupt attitudes and behaviours, they can no longer access that real, authentic, wise part of themselves which always stands apart from corruption, is always free from compromise, and knows the wisest thing to do. 


The solution of course, is always to act with integrity, or being true to oneself. That is, to engage in only those attitudes and behaviours which are integral to the real person. This keeps the personality integrated. These are commonly known as virtues, and are our ultimate guide to doing what is best, from the smallest issues, up to planetary problems, which are substantially the culmination of myriad small events.

Ascension-Promoting Qualities 

Self-awareness: not pushing out of consciousness the less pleasant aspects of a person’s psyche. Much of what we term the subconscious becomes made up of those things that have been pushed out of our everyday awareness, because we find them too unpleasant to face, acknowledge and accept. We need to allow ourselves to be aware of whatever it is about ourselves that we do not like or approve of, or whatever makes us feel ashamed or guilty, or whatever we are unprepared to admit to, as these judgements arise.

Personal honesty: being willing to see with unblemished clarity exactly what one is doing, and the real motives behind it, at any point in time. We need to look past the self-judgement to the event itself, and allow ourselves to be simply aware of it.

Self-acceptance: accepting ourselves as we are and not trying to be different than that. We need to simply accept, without judgement, the event itself, and consequences. The more we are able to accept ourselves, as we are, the more we heal, integrate, and move through progressive and uplifting changes. Self acceptance dissolves and heals the problems described above. Self- acceptance is very much the objective of Carl Rogers’ client centered therapy.

Forgiveness:  we now know that forgiving others is an essential part of healing ourselves. Forgiveness releases us from resentments and hatreds, two pernicious emotions that freeze our progress and growth, and block re-integration and healing of inner conflict.  

Self-forgiveness: we cannot forgive ourselves until we have forgiven all others, and until we forgive ourselves of everything, we are in conflict, not integrated, and are likely to be holding subconscious denials. 

Appreciation: appreciating ourselves, others, and life itself, brings us into a state of equilibrium, enabling beneficent assimilation and growth.

Authenticity and transparency: not putting on sham presentations of ourselves, but allowing others to see us as we really are.

Congruency: whatever feeling or attitude I hold would be matched by my awareness of that attitude.


Healing Each Other

The Healing Relationship

Carl Rogers, as a counselling therapist, discovered that he was more effective when he allowed his clients to determine the direction the sessions, and discover their own insights, rather than impose his understanding upon them. In the 1950s, he wrote as follows:

How Can I Contribute to a Healing Relationship?

“In my relationships with persons I have found that it does not help, in the long run, to act as though I were something that I am not. I find that I am more effective when I can listen acceptantly to myself, and can be myself.

 “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I begin to change. We cannot change, we cannot move away from what we are, until we thoroughly accept what we are. Then change seems to come about almost unnoticed. Relationships then become real. Real relationships have an exciting way of being vital and meaningful. Real relationships tend to change rather than to remain static.”

Creating the Healing Relationship

“The more that I can be genuine in the relationship, the more helpful it will be. It seems extremely important to be real.”

 “The more accepting and liking I feel toward an individual, the more I will be creating a relationship which he can use. By acceptance I mean a warm regard for him as a person of unconditional self-worth.”

“Acceptance does not mean much until it involves understanding – a sensitive empathy with each of the client’s feelings and communications as they seem to him at that moment. It is only as I see them as he sees them, and accepts them that he feels really free to explore his inner and often buried experience. This freedom is an important condition of the relationship, and includes a freedom from any kind of moral and diagnostic evaluation.”  

 “When I am able to achieve this kind of relationship with another, then I believe that change and constructive development will invariably occur.”

The Motivation for Change

“The individual has within himself the capacity and the tendency, latent if not evident, to move forward toward maturity. In a suitable psychological climate, this tendency is released, and becomes actual, rather than potential. It shows itself in the tendency to reorganise his personality and his relationship to life in ways that are regarded as more mature. It is the tendency which is evident in all organic and human life – to expand, extend, become autonomous, develop, mature, to express and activate all the capacities of the organism – to the extent that such activation enhances the organism or self.”

 “This tendency may be hidden behind elaborate facades which deny its existence, but it exists in every individual and awaits only the proper condition to be released and expressed.”  

The Counselling Process

 “If I can create a relationship characterised on my part:

by a genuineness and transparency, in which I am my real feelings;

by a warm acceptance of and prizing of the other person as a separate individual;

by a sensitive ability to see his world and himself as he sees them;

“Then the other individual in the relationship;

will experience and understand aspects of himself that he has previously repressed;

will find himself becoming better integrated, more able to function effectively;

will become more similar to the person he would like to be;

will be more self-directing and more self-confident;

will become more of a person, more unique and more self-expressive;

will be more understanding, more accepting of others; 

will be able to cope with the problems of life more adequately and more comfortably.”

Directions Taken by Clients

Away From Facades “Characteristically, the client shows a tendency to move, hesitantly and fearfully, away from a self which he is not. Instead of being a facade, as if it were himself, he is coming closer to being himself.”

Away from “Oughts” “There is a tendency for the client to move away from the compelling image of what he “ought to be”.

Away from Pleasing Others “Clients do not wish to mould themselves into a form which would be merely pleasing to others. They do not choose to be anything which is artificial, imposed or defined from without.”

Away From Meeting Expectations  “Other clients find themselves moving away from what the culture expects them to be.”

Toward Self-Direction “The client moves towards being autonomous. He becomes responsible for himself and gradually chooses the goals toward which he wants to move.”

Toward Being Process  “Clients seem to move toward more openly being a process, a fluidity, a changing. Clients move towards a process of potentialities being born, rather than towards becoming some fixed goal.”  

Toward being Complexity  “A desire to be all of oneself in each moment – all of the richness and complexity, with nothing hidden in oneself, and nothing feared in oneself.”

Toward Openness to Experience “The individual moves toward living in an open, friendly, close relationship to his own experience. Clients learn that experiencing is a friendly resource, not a frightening enemy. He comes to want to be close to his inner sources of information, rather than closing off to them.” 

Toward Acceptance of Others “As a client moves towards being able to accept his own experience, he also moves towards the acceptance of the experience of others. He values and appreciates both his own experience and that of others for what it is.”

Toward Trust of Self  “The client increasingly trusts and values the process which is himself. I have seen people become significant and creative in their own spheres, as they have developed more trust of the process going on within themselves, and live by the values which they discover within,  and express themselves in their own unique ways.”

The Person Who Emerges

Openness to Experience

“Defensiveness or rigidity tends to be replaced by an increasing openness to experience. The individual becomes more aware of reality as it exists instead of perceiving it in preconceived ways, and can take in the evidence of a new situation as it is, rather than distorting it to fit a pattern which he already holds. This makes him far more realistic in dealing with new people, new situations, and new problems. He can tolerate ambiguity and fully live the experiences of his total organism, rather than shutting them out of awareness.”

Trust in One’s Own Organism

 “The person increasingly discovers that his own organism is trustworthy, that it is a suitable instrument for discovering the most satisfying behaviour in each immediate situation. There is a greater and more immediate awareness of unsatisfying consequences, a quicker correction of choices that are in error. He feels less fear of the emotional reactions which he has.”

 An Internal Locus of Evaluation

“The individual increasingly comes to feel that the source or locus of choices and decisions, or evaluative judgements lies within himself. Less and less does he look to others for approval or disapproval; for standards to live by; for decisions and choices. He recognises that it rests within himself to choose; that the only question that matters is “Am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me, and which truly expresses me?”. This I think is perhaps the most important question for the creative individual.”

The Process of Functioning More Fully

 “The person who is psychologically free moves in the direction of becoming a more fully functioning person. He makes increasing use of all of his organic equipment to sense the existential situation within and without, recognising that his total organism is often wiser than his awareness.  He discovers that he is soundly and realistically social; he lives more completely this moment, but learns that this is the soundest living for all time.”

Greater Richness of Life

“This process of living the good life involves a wider range, a greater richness, than the constricted living in which most of us find ourselves. One is involved in the satisfying experience of a more sensitive living, with greater range, greater variety, greater richness, because they have this underlying confidence in themselves as trustworthy instruments for encountering life. Such a life is enriching, exiting, rewarding, challenging, and meaningful. The good life is not for the faint-hearted. It involves the stretching and growing of ones potentialities. It involves the courage to be. It means launching oneself fully into the stream of life. Yet the deeply exiting thing about human beings is that when the individual is inwardly free, he chooses as the good life this process of becoming.” 

All of the above by Carl Rogers was complied into On Becoming a Person , from papers written during the 1950s, when the ‘breaking through’ was just beginning, indicating the advanced state of understanding leading up to the 1960s revolution in consciousness.


 The Natural Person

Inherent Benevolence

By the end of the 1970s, it was known, individually, and in common by many empowered, self-actualising people around the planet, that we each have an essence that is our own individual uniqueness, that we share in common, and is where we contact each other at the deepest, most meaningful level. Over the last several decades, this essence has been discovered and rediscovered, in different ways, as a consequent of varied practices, and has come to be known by many names, each of which express nuances of various experiences of a rich, inner consciousness. Terms include inner being, inner self, higher self, higher consciousness, super-consciousness, true consciousness, real consciousness, original nature, essential nature, true nature, authentic nature, essence, and authentic self.

 These terms show the pervasiveness, richness and commonality of this realization. Those who experience their essence, or who have studied it in others, perceive some common themes: 

  • a centre of integrity and identity at the very core of our being – our deepest nature is unconditional love and allowing, able to experience loving kindness, helpfulness, consideration, compassion, and manifesting in the world as a loving, healing, compassionate, wise social nature; 
  • a life-enriching, sensitive, feeling nature, that links us to all other living beings and is able to experience acceptance, oneness, purity, innocence, sacredness, joy, ecstasy, rapture, bliss; 
  • a natural, understanding mind, incurably curious to understand the ultimate mysteries of life, and able to work with clarity, alertness, awareness, acumen, intuition, insight, illumination, perspicacity, integration, understanding, equanimity;
  •  a wise, integrated physical body, attuned to nature and able to balance and heal itself and abide in naturalness, calmness, peacefulness, wholeness, wholesomeness, healthiness;

 One of the most important discoveries about the nature of one’s essence is that it is pre-cultural, pre-gender, pre-class, pre-age and pre-education. Irrespective of a person’s upbringing, racial heritage or gender or life experiences, it still exists as pure essence, and is the meeting point where people can contact each other in truth, at deeper and more meaningful levels than the superficial trappings of society can provide.

The inner essence, which is the real us, knows no hatred, envy, jealousy or vindictiveness, and is caringly cooperative, rather than ruthlessly competitive. In reality, we are an essence, and we have, a body, mind, emotions, and personality, that our essence, if we allow it, will express itself through. Our essence is our true, most basic identity, the part of us that is wise, compassionate and allowing. That is who we really are, all of the time, beneath the mis-constructed, out of touch overlay.

 This part of us, which is the real us, is attuned to nature, and to the universe, and can sense and respond to natural and universal rhythms and flows, always working towards greater enrichment greater balance, greater resilience

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