What is Ascension?

What is Ascension?

The nature of all is consciousness. The universe consists of realms of consciousness, arranged in separated dimensions, from the densest, dullest and most restrictive, to the most sublime, elegant, harmonious and expansive. This continues right up to the Divine, whom we may refer to as cosmic consciousness. The universe we perceive and detect with instruments is only the third dimension.

 All beings, human and otherwise, are creatures of consciousness, and each will occupy whichever realm accords to their own individual level of consciousness. In the process of living and experiencing life, understanding builds, leading to wisdom, and through this process, conscious ness slowly evolves. Eventually, over eons of time, the consciousness of the being has evolved sufficiently to enable transitioning into the next higher realm of consciousness. This is a major step up, and when it has occurred during an incarnation, whilst the person is still alive, it is traditionally referred to in the East as becoming Self-realised, or God-realised, or Enlightened, depending on the orientation of the ascender, or those who comment about it. 

 Evolution is the process of evolving ones consciousness within a dimension. Ascension is the transition process of progressing through to the next higher dimension or realm of consciousness, where there are greater expressions of love, harmony, intelligence and wisdom than the dimension being left. Using water as an analogy, evolution is like heating the water to higher degrees; ascension is the jump into a higher state, as when water turns to steam. Anyone ascending will experience the event as the greatest and most important experience of their life: a step up into a higher level of functioning, where all of one’s aspects work together, harmoniously, synergistically, without internal conflicts.

 Everybody is evolving forever in a cosmic, or God-ward direction, each person in their own time and unique way. All beings are forever evolving their consciousness so that they may ascend to the next dimension, and this continues right up to cosmic levels. It is a cosmic process, overseen from the highest levels, natural to the universe. Beings in all realms are on the path of evolution and ascension for all time. It is not boring, as everything gets better and better, and life becomes more harmonious and joyful.

 Ascension is so important that it is the underlying truth behind all religions, and the sole reason for their creation. Religions usually form in the wake of an ascended person who has given out a teaching to help others ascend, usually after passing over. Often such teachings are spoken spontaneously, not written, and may be very situational and contextual. They may be taken as absolute statements, suitable for all occasions, and for all time. They may also suffer being mis-interpreted, even mis-quoted by followers, who remain caught in the illusionary consciousness the teaching was given to dispel. The outcome has too often been distorted, rigid understandings, and only rough approximations to truth, and may also omit the best and most important aspects, and instead insert rigid structures and authority figures, instead of wisdom and understanding for each person’s empowerment.

 Ascension is everybody’s birthright and is the first and foremost reason that anybody chooses to incarnate on Earth, which is known throughout the galaxy as a place of rapid growth that is brought about through facing challenges and overcoming difficulties in a situation of variety and choice, with other humans from many levels of consciousness, all of whom have had their highest consciousness veiled, so that they must put in the extra effort, and this ensures evolutional growth.

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