The writer has had an over-riding interest in higher levels of human consciousness since the late 1960s. Exploring this led to many related fields, revealing an already existing understanding of a vast, harmonious, nurturing and uplifting conscious reality that underlies and oversees what we normally think of as reality.

By comparison, conventional reality, or the normal, mainstream-accepted paradigm appears bleak, conflicted, mechanistic, boring, unsustainable, illusionary and unfulfilling.  It is also imploding, as indeed it must, for it has far outlived its usefulness, which was first signaled with the stockmarket crash 1929 and the following Great Depression and World War2.

Following World-War 2, an attempt was made to upgrade this economic paradigm with, for a time, startling results that are described on this site. But the regressive return to 1920s-style economics, beginning in the 1980s, halted the continuing transformation towards a sustainable, people-friendly, community-spirited future. This made sure a comprehensive collapse, that we are now in the middle of, would eventually ensue.

We have not kept up with the progressive needs of our planetary ecology and human population, but have instead lurched wildly into directions that we, as a society, had previously repudiated as unhelpful, both after WW2, in economics and finance, and also during the vast social upgrades of the 1960s and 1970s that saw the beginnings of a higher paradigm emerge. Some of these are described on this site.

The consequences of again going astray from our much-deliberated future directions, and focusing instead on short-term individual selfishness, are now being fed back to us from many directions simultaneously, and they do not look appealing. Under the current mainstream paradigm, they are not only unsolvable, but will rapidly worsen.

On a higher level, the true, harmonious reality no longer supports or energizes the current unsustainable mainstream paradigm, which is now breaking down under its own selfish momentum. This obsolete paradigm is in permanent conflict with the true needs of people on the planet.

New energies are supporting an emerging sustainable, harmonious paradigm of abundance, that is moving in to upgrade or replace aspects of the old false and fake paradigm in all areas as it self-destructs.

Those who are part of the cleanup, whether economic, financial, ecological, etc, will have to tap into these higher cooperative, nurturing, energies to gain the necessary insight and understanding to develop true solutions that will have any degree of success.

As the old paradigm continues to break down, increasing numbers of people are seeing through much of it as the illusion it always was, and are experiencing a corresponding release from its constraints, limitations and inherent contradictions. As this happens, the emerging, people-friendly paradigm becomes increasingly apparent and appealing.

This blog site is created to assist those who are interested in or already experiencing the transition to a greater, harmonious paradigm and higher, unified, peaceful reality.