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Post-War Rebuilding

Post-War Rebuilding Commitment to Social Improvement The Struggle for Survival It is now generally recognised that the excesses of 1920s precipitated the stock market collapse of 1929, and the great depression that followed. The Second World War was, at least … Continue reading

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Making Business Accountable

Making Business Accountable Whole Society Improvement By the end of WW2, people at all levels of society had had their full of unprincipled, extreme capitalism, exploitative business and ruthless management. The commercial world had become seen by many as a … Continue reading

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The Hope of the Future

The Hope of the Future Great Expectations The years following WW2 were a period of intense family creation by returning soldiers, to make up for decades of global hardship, impoverishment, war and destruction. The incoming generation grew up knowing relative … Continue reading

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Healthy-Person Psycyhology

healthy person psychology During the 1950s, consistent with other improvements to society, new forms of psychotherapy were being discovered and refined, based upon observations of positive outcomes that were way ahead of the best theories of the day. The search … Continue reading

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Societal Improvements in the 1960s

Societal Improvements in the 1960s Social Evolution and Wellbeing The rebuilding of society under a constantly improving work ethic pervaded all aspects of society. By the mid 1960s, the cutting-edge understanding was that organisations, jobs, personal growth and productivity were … Continue reading

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Proactive Management

Proactive Management Proactive Work Practices Over decades, Peter Drucker pioneered almost every substantive management practice and industrial trend, setting the agenda for proactive management. He described pro-active work practices: “Workers [at every level of an organisation] grow according to the … Continue reading

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Self-Actualisation Real Human Nature Self-actualisation, or higher human functioning, was first noticed in the 1950s, in rare and exceptional individuals. It blossomed during the 1960s, and flourished amongst many youths and young adults, leading to a new appreciation of life, … Continue reading

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Flower Children

Flower Children Natural Wholistic Pioneers Flower children, as they called themselves, to some measure arose out of an open-minded ferment in the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco in the mid 1960s, where young people were exploring ideas of open society, … Continue reading

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Whole-Brain Functioning

Whole-Brain Functioning Both Hemispheres are Far Better than One Self-actualisation involves bringing into fruition aspects of a person’s inner life not normally accessed, and enables a deeper appreciation and understanding of the human potential to emerge, including experiencing ‘left brain’ … Continue reading

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Whole-Brain, Life-Affirming Discoveries

Whole-Brain, Life-Affirming Discoveries The Future is Now Natural Creativity Flower power, as the pinnacle expression of psychological freedom, infected and affected the world in a wholly positive way. The message of peace, love and brown rice (meaning a healthy diet), … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Whole-Brain Paradigm

Enjoying the Whole-Brain Paradigm Living from Joy and Inner Directedness Transcending the Old Paradigm The wholesome thrust of recreating society after WW2 enabled humanity to embark on a genuine fresh start. The urge and commitment to create a better society … Continue reading

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